I went to Nara seeking an old tumulus cake that might be able to feel history

Many temples and ruins of national treasure classes are left in Nara, former capital of Japan, and around the 2nd and 3rd centuryYamataido countryWas in Nara.Yamotado kuniyuki theoryWhenKyushu theoryControversy continues even at the conference even now. I heard that there is a cake shaped like an old tumulus that such a Nara may feel the history of eternity, so I decided to get it as a history fan.

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To Nara in search of an old tumulus cake. A shop offering cakes "Petit Marche"Is located near Nara Park where many old temples and the like line up. What is reflected in the photograph is a national treasureKofuku-jiThe five-story pagoda and its underlyingSarusawa pond.

There are many tortoises living in Sarusawa pond and it is also one of the specialties. In recent years also the aspect that the green turtle which is an alien species threatens the ecology of native turtles and the like is a problem.

Arrived at a shop located about 3 minutes on foot from such Sarusawa pond. There are no conspicuous signboards, so you may overlook it if you do not pay attention a little.

The name of the shop was casually listed in the glass window facing the road.

I got an old tumulous cake that I had reserved and brought back with suppressed feelings.

If you open the lid slowly ... ...

There is something.

When I pulled it out, I could see the appearance of an ancient tomb that godly tows over the golden foundation.

Many people have learned this form in history classesKeyhole-shaped keyhole.

The three-step shape which is the basis of the keyhole-shaped tumuli is reproduced.

A green fabric imitating a grass is topped on the filling filling (a cake which is served?). It seems that this is a sponge dough mixed with powdered tea that is covered with finely crushed material.

Then, I will try to eat using the spoon I bought at the shop, but ... .... a spoon?

What was being sold at the shop was a sculpture that reproduced the form of "Excavation scoop spoon mini"(350 yen including tax) was. With "ancient tomb = excavation", the scoop (shovel) used for excavation is a motif.

One of the Urums of the old tumulus cake is to say, "You can investigate an ancient tomb even if you do not obtain permission from the Imperial Household Agency." Let's change the mind and start excavation survey. I strike a scoop with "Ei ♪".

We analyzed the soil by peeling off a part of the glue surface.

As a result of survey, sponge cake and chocolate cream accounted for most of the raw materials of the tumulus. When you try to include it in your mouth, the light texture of fluffier and the sweetness of chocolate cream spread swiftly.

"No, it is the husband of a part of a tomb in which coffins are contained in an ancient tomb ... ...", the next target is determined to be a circular part.

"Ei ♪" And put a scoop on the feeling of guilt.

Unfortunately we could not confirm the appearance of "middle man", but a circular banana was excavated from the ground. It is a round object excavated from an ancient tomb, and it is appropriate to think that kore is a circular mirror (Marukagami) that was surely captured as sacred at that time.

The mood is already a thief. I will strike gas gas and scoop.

The cylindrical object placed in the periphery is a decorative object with "cylindrical haniwa (Haniwa)" as a motif, and the material is cocoa meringue.

Discover new excavated items from the circular mound part!

This shape is already. The clans and others were hanging from the neck in the decorationJewelThere is no difference. By the way, the material is cashew nuts.

Of course I can not forget to taste the cake, too. The layer of sponge fabric and chocolate cream overlaid multiple times has become moist texture, and the flavor of the fruit encountered in places is a good accent. The texture is very light, and I will end up eating as much as I can.

When I notice it, I have eaten half of an ancient tomb.

It became a cut model of rare ancient tomb in the world.

The old tumble cake has four kinds of sizes from No. 4 to No. 7, and it is a complete reservation system. Each price is tax included 4,500 yen in length (length 16 cm), 4200 yen in No. 5 (length 18 cm), 5000 yen in No. 6 (20 cm in length), 6200 in the largest size No. 7 (length 23 cm) It is a circle.

In addition, at the shop, it will be sold only at pre-scheduled sales days "Small forward and backward-angle cylindrical tumule cake(500 yen) "may also be provided. Since the sale date is limited and the quantity to be made is limited, when visiting a shop, please make advanceblogIt seems to be better to check the information with etc.

The reservation of the old tumulus cake is accepted as mail top priority. Especially during the summer it is often standing up, so it seems better to have a little inquiry with a little time. Regrettably, local shipping does not correspond to protect fragile cakes. People who care about old tumuli cake may want to visit Nara at this opportunity.

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