How to make it easy to get the SIM card of the biggest "Orange" in France

From Japan to means to secure internet communication overseasTake a rental routerThere is a way to say, in France it costs nearly 1000 yen a day. By inserting the local SIM into the SIM free terminal it will be possible to reduce the cost and it will be possible to use not only the Internet but also the phone · SMS / MMS etc, but in France there are fewer English speakers so it is better than the English speaking countries It is also a fact that it is difficult to obtain. So, even if the words do not go much, "It's easy to be the biggest mobile phone carrier in FranceOrange(Orange) 's SIM card can be obtained "actually obtained a SIM card.

Recharges prépayées mobicarte - Orange mobile

◆ Orange's SIM card & plan
Orange sells four kinds of SIM cards, and if you charge 5 euro (about 680 yen) to 100 euros (about 13,700 yen) from the left, you can call, SMS / MMS · mobile communication become possible "les classiques "Les max" with four plans for call, SMS, MMS and mobile communication, "les internationales" for international calling, "les internet mobile" for mobile communication only.

This time we will get 'les max' which allows calls and mobile communications for a week's stay. "Les max" is all plans call · SMS / MMS is free for 24 hours, mobile communication is "5 EUR (about 680 yen): 20 MB / week" "10 euro (about 1300 yen): 100 MB / week "20 euro (about 2700 yen): 300 MB / 1 month" "30 euro (about 4100 yen): 1 GB / 1 month" plan can be selected. Separate SIM card body price 9.9 euro (about 1300 yen) is required.

◆ Purchase Orange's SIM card actually
So I arrived at Orange 's shop.

This is what it's like inside the store.

Various smartphones ......

We handle fixed telephone as well.

The clerk is not waiting behind the counter like Japan, but hits the customer in front of the PC.

Give SIM-free Nexus 5 immediately and tell it in English that "Please give me a SIM card." It was a lucky staff who could speak English, but even in the case of a clerk who can only speak French ......

If you show a memo that wrote the plan of the SIM card you plan to purchase, the story goes surprisingly smoothly as follows. In "Mobicarte = SIM card", I am writing a fee and plan that "les recharges max 300 MB" is a desired plan, the bottom is "20 euro / 1 month = 20 euros per month". If you write the price, you do not have to worry about taking more money if you make something wrong. When I showed the memo, "Because the price of the SIM card is 9.9 euro (about 1300 yen), it told me that it will be around 30 euros (about 4000 yen) in all, but is it OK?"

If you proceed with the story as it is, you will only be asked to present your passport. A clerk sets up and charges up to charge for 300 MB plan.

It will be OK if "Orange F" is displayed.

With this, you can get smartphone safely, you can call, SMS, mobile communication, and you can connect the PC to the Internet by tethering.

I tried opening GIGAZINE outside but I could connect without any problems.

PC can also be used by tethering, but since usable capacity is small, it is necessary to use too much to use.

◆ Free SIM card vending machine
It is one of the communication carriers in FranceFreeSince 2014Started selling SIM cards with vending machinesdoing. It is the easiest way for travelers if you can buy them with vending machines, and there is a plan that can be used up to "20 GB" in a month at 20 euros (about 2700 yen), compared with Orange which offers 300 MB plan at the same price It is super cheap. Whether I really can buy it, I also went to buy it.

Vending machines are part of "Mag PresseAlthough it is set up in a shop like a convenience store called "It's only a little away from the center of Paris". This timeGlacièreI headed for Mag Presse near the station.

That's why I arrived. Is there a vending machine inside ... ....

I found a vending machine of SIM card really when entering inside!

As soon as you push the button to proceed with purchase ......

Although something has appeared, I can not proceed because I can not read French. Apparently it seems to be saying "I need an address and e-mail address." When asking for a store clerk, "I can buy only France residents". I tried various badly at the address of the hotel, but unfortunately I could not purchase it, so I need attention when going to France.

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