How to make "mini-charcoal grill stove" that can make BBQ with empty can only Movie

Speaking of summer is a season of barbecue, but in order to get to a delicious barbecue outdoors it is necessary to carry a charcoiling stove. Although carrying a sufficient amount of charcoal, stove, and foodstuff is quite hard, a movie that makes a charcoiling stove for one person with how much empty can is open to the public.

How To Make The Bitty-Q - (A Drink-Can BBQ) - YouTube

Mike's HardIt has a handle and feet attached to a lemonade can. When I open it ......

A juicy wiener burned with charcoal fire from inside appeared.

It is a small grill and space for placing a net and charcoal is secured and it is becoming a grill of full-scale making.

It will tell you how to make this small empty can BBQ stove "Mike · hack".

It is said that the grill which can be burned and burned like this will be completed in 10 minutes.

All you need is 23.5 rice ounce (about 700 ml) empty can.

First of all, using scissors ......

Break the empty can into a straight vertical line.

Next, cut two halves into half of the cut can.

Bite the ice stick etc ... ...

Bend both ends beautifully.

Next, prepare a net hanger and a base paper to become a mold.

Cut a part of the hanger ... ...

Brush the surface with sandpaper.

When folded along the shape of the mount ......

You can set it perfectly in the empty can made earlier.

The foot part is made with U-shaped metal fittings.

Mark with a pen at the position where the U-shaped stick sticks ... ...

Drill through the hole with a drill and thread the metal fittings.

After passing the plate to be fixed, you can spread out towards the outside, crush the can well and flatten the space for placing charcoal.

There is an effect that the stability increases and it looks like a sole when the nut is attached to the part of the foot.

Attach even smaller hinges to upper and lower ... ...

Fix the inside with a nut.

If I also add a handle ......

A mini BBQ grill made of empty cans is completed!

Excellent thing that it is possible to open and close the lid properly.

Put baked charcoal under the net ... ....

Set a wiener.

Close the lid and bake for 10 minutes.

Then the Azuatu wiener was completed, so please pinch in the bread ......

A very delicious charcoal grilled hot dog is completed!

As for the simple application section, cut the lower half of the empty can in the same way and fold it ... ....

I will set a diamond shaped net.

The foundation is a dent of the middle of two 350 ml empty cans.

Place the can with the net previously on that ... ...

Although there is no lid, it is possible to burn the juju and the wiener.

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