A new model "Model B +" appears at Raspberry Pi of cheap single board computer

Cheap single board computer "Raspberry Pi"Is a new model which added some improvements to the current model" Model B "Model B +We announced. The price is $ 35 (about 3600 yen) like "Model B".

New product launch! Introducing Raspberry Pi Model B + | Raspberry Pi

"Model B +" SoC is BCM 2835, RAM is 512 MB, the same as "Model B" is loaded. However, newlyGPIOThe pin header increased from 26 pin to 40 pin, the USB 2.0 port increased from 2 to 4, the external storage was changed from SD card to MicroSD card, power consumption was reduced by about 0.5 W to 1 W, overall power saving I am making it. In addition, the audio circuit was changed to a dedicated noise-less one, the sound quality was improved, the arrangement on the board was changed by concentrating the USB port at the end of the board, the mounting hole was opened at four places of the board It was.

Raspberry Pi FoundationFounder ofEben UptonMr. and James Adams, a hardware director, talking about "Model B +" can be seen from the following movies.

B + on Vimeo

Also, many movies by users who got "Model B +" at the earliest are released.

Geek Gurl Diaries Episode 30: First look at the Raspberry Pi Model B + - YouTube

Raspberry Pi Model B + launched today. Full walkaround. - YouTube

The NEW Raspberry Pi B + - YouTube

Raspberry Pi Model B + - YouTube

The names of each part are as follows. There is a MicroSD card slot on the left of the board, four USB ports in the upper right, GPIO pin header in the upper part, MicroUSB port in the lower left, audio jack from the center right.

"Model B" on the left and "Model B +" on the right. Comparing the two, it looks like this.

"Model B +" LAN port and 4 USB ports.

From the left MicroUSB port, mini HDMI terminal, audio jack.

MicroSD card slot.

GPIO pin header increased to 40 pins.

It should be noted that "Model B +" is an improved version of "Model B", not the "Raspberry Pi 2" which is the next version of Raspberry Pi, but to the last "is the final evolution of the original Raspberry Pi" I said.

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