Eleven foods that should not be stored in the refrigerator

Meats and fish and shellfish are lost fresh and losing freshness more quickly when exposed to normal temperature, but depending on the food it may be more easily damaged by refrigerated preservation, flavor may be impaired. Such11 foods that should not be put in the refrigeratorMovie summarizing the movie has been released.

11 Foods You Should not Refrigerate - YouTube

"Please do not refrigerate."

◆ 01: Tomato

The texture and flavor are impaired.

◆ 02: melon (watermelon)

Antioxidants are lost. The watermelon which is not cut is in an airy shadeCan be stored at room temperature for about 1 monthAnd that.

◆ 03: Potatoes

The texture becomes rough and the flavor is impaired.

◆ 04: Onions

Mildew grows or is not growing.

◆ 05: Coffee beans

Because it absorbs the smell in the refrigerator, the flavor is impaired.

◆ 06: Garlic

It promotes germination and the growing sprouts cause mold.

◆ 07: Sake

Keep alcohol at a high alcohol level such as spirits, whiskey, liqueur at room temperature.

◆ 08: Honey

It becomes crystallized or the viscosity becomes high, making it difficult to remove from the container.

◆ 09: Hot Sauce

Most hot sauces can be stored in cupboards etc for 3 years.

◆ 10: Bakery

It becomes dried and bread turned bread.

◆ 11: Basil

It absorbs other smells in the refrigerator.

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