I tried eating "Cup Noodle Light Somen" which can be eaten with chilling with ice

Speaking of cup noodles, it is a royal road brand of cup noodles that will not be pressed, but from 7th July (Monday), the somen version "Cup noodle light SomenWe released the. Even if it is chilled according to the hot season it is made to eat and I bought it and ate it and tried it.

"Cup Noodle Light Somen" (July 7 Release) | Nissin Food Group

Cup noodle light Somen's package,Katsushika HokusaiCool design that treated 36 kinds of Futaki 's "Tokaido Eguchi Tanegaura schematic".

"Ice cup noodles in the summer" and appeal that they can be eaten even if they are chilled.

Calories are 198 kcal, normalCup NoodlesIt is considerably less than (343 kcal).

Looking at the back side, both warm and cold making methods are written.

Raw materials can be confirmed such as noodles, milk and soup. You can quickly check the classic flavored eggs in cup noodles, mushroom extract and kelp extract in soup.

When opening the top lid it looks like this. The ingredients contain egg root · egg-flavored egg · flavored chicken.

First of all I will put hot water normally and eat a warm version.

Pour hot water to the inner line, wait for 3 minutes with a normal cup noodle.

Wait 3 minutes, open it and it looks like this. The color of the soup is slightly diluted.

Noodles are thin even if they absorb hot water.

First of all when I tried eating noodles, a cup noodle was well expressed with a distinctive soup of texture. However, as the noodles are thin, it is easier to stretch, so it seems better to eat early. Although the soup strongly feels the taste of shiitake mushrooms and kelp, a distinctive seasoning like a cup noodle is felt firmly. It seems that the taste of condiments such as leek and ginger are blended into the soup is also a feeling of somen.

Good chicken meat is felt taste of chicken to a certain extent Good. There is not much to put chicken in somen, but it fits well with Japanese style soup.

Although the flavored egg has the same atmosphere as entering the cup noodle, the taste is slightly different as the soup is different.

Next challenge chilled version by preparing ice.

It is the same to put in hot water ......

Hot water is a point to put in the amount of soap and ingredients until it gets barely needed.

30 seconds after putting hot water, stir once, wait for 2 and half minutes.

After a total of 3 minutes, put 180 ml of ice.

Complete with mixing ice. Miurumi ice will melt.

When eating with chill, the noodles tighten rather than tightish. Because there is almost no animal oil, it is good without oil being solidified. It seems to be okay if you add your own condiments such as ginger or ginger.

Because the taste of the soup is also the main shiitake mushrooms and kelp etc., it can be deliciously eaten cold. Whether you eat in a warm state or eat coldly depends on your preference, but if you eat in the summer it seems better to chill.

The price is 170 yen without tax. It is recommended when you want to eat somen noodle easily.

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