"Buy later" Amazon and Twitter collaborate New feature "# Amazon Poch" How to use Summary

Released in the English-speaking world in May 2014# AmusCartFinally in Japan even "Amazon Social Cart"It became available as. If you link Amazon's account with Twitter, it is a terrible service that you will automatically throw items into your cart simply by replying with a hashtag "# Amazon Poach" to someone's tweet It has become.

Amazon Social Cart

First log in to Twitter and access the above site and click "Start using"

Since I move to Twitter, click "Authenticate cooperative application"

Next, I will move to Amazon, enter Amazon email address and password and click "Sign in"

When "appears that" ○ ○ ○ 's account can use "Amazon social cart" on Twitter "setting completed

This time was on Twitter of Amazon's Japanese official account "Fleet Kosochan - Ship - This is an aircraft carrier class (1/8 scale painted finished product)Let's test with. Click "Reply".

Since the reply destination's account name has been entered from the beginning from the beginning, please attach a hash tag "# amazoni" rather quickly, write appropriate messages instead of memos, click "tweet"

Then, the official Amazon Twitter account "Amazon Social CartYou will receive the following notification from.

Looking at Amazon's cart, products are splendidly added. With this condition, it will be OK if you "# amazon poch" steadily.

Please note that if you have set your Twitter account to "undocumented" or if the content of the tweet of the other party is "category" rather than Amazon item, the following notification will be sent and addition to the cart will fail You can see that.

In other words, in the tweet with the Amazon link that flows to your timeline, when you say "Oh, that makes me worried, I will buy it later!", I do not get a haircut and "# Amazon's Poti" makes it simple, It will be able to enter the state to buy at ", it is extremely dangerous in all possible ways. Let's pay attention to usage and dosage.

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