A movie full of exhilaration realizing the hover board of back to the future with marine sports

Skateboard floating in the air "Hover board"Is a movie"Back to the FutureIt is one of the items that appeared in the series, and anyone who has seen the series should have dreamed of realization. In the United States,Rocky Mountain FlyboardI realized the hover board as a marine sports company, and I release the whole picture in the movie.

Hoverboard in Real Life! In 4K! - YouTube

Three men and women are running like warehouses.

It was a mysterious wooden box that three people discovered at the back of the warehouse.

What was in the wooden box was like a black skateboard written "HoverBoard".

, Suddenly the movie switches to the sea scene, and the man who is riding the hover board of the previous time is projected. The men 's appearance on a hover board rising towards the air while spouting water is a refreshing feeling.

A man who dances in the air while turning sideways with Kurukuru.

This man is crossing the sea spanning the hover board. This seems to be comfortable.

Hover board, if it can fly up high in the sky like the image below ... ...

It is also possible to advance horizontally. Hover board which is going in the horizontal direction is exactly the movie "back to the future" itself.

Hover board flying in the sky while blowing water swiftly.

The gallery is exciting.

Two people are racing on a hover board.

Like snowboards, your feet do not leave the hover board, so movements that were impossible with back to the future are also possible.

The figure climbing vertically towards the air is like a dragon. I must have imagined Marty McFly as saying that hover board is realized in this way.

You can also go underwater using the power of water pressure.

People who are caught in a tube connected to a hover board seem to be enjoying it.

Hold on the hover board ... ....

Change in direction and wrap around in the air.

And water to the water!

Jumping out of the air ... ....

The appearance of landing water from the head is refreshing feeling just by looking.

Looking at the hover board nearby, it looks something like this, with the pipes on the lower rear of the board, the water is exerting forcefully.

There were also men who showcase kurukuru and acrobatic movements.

For hover boards that seems to be comfortable so far, even those who have never seen back to the future seem to be able to enjoy it.

In addition, Rocky Mountain Flyboard accepts pre-order reservations of hover boards that appeared in movies on the official website, and the price is full set at $ 5850 (about 590,000 yen).

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