An opinion that "10,000 hour rule" that can be a top in exercise for 10,000 hours is not universal appeared

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Mr. Malcolm Gladwell's book "Genius! Law of successful people"One thousand hour rule" that one who is called "first-class genius" is dedicated to practicing 10,000 hours without exception "that became famous with" 10,000 hour rule. " However, in a recent study, it is clear that there are fields that the 10,000 hour rule does not pass.

Deliberate Practice and Performance in Music, Games, Sports, Education, and Professions

New Study Destroys Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 Rule - Business Insider

The rule of 10,000 hours is "It requires a long time training and effort of 10,000 hours before the talent blossoms", and it is considered to be a rule that can be found in all fields. By accumulating serious exercises with crispness, the 10,000 hour rule of being able to become a leading professional on that road, along with good examples such as the Beatles and Bill Gates, has become widely known and accepted by many people. In addition, efforts that need to be done for 10,000 hours are exercises called "deliberate practice", and it is necessary to be careful not to mistrack with daddara and mock exercise.


However, Princeton University'sBrook McNameraPh.D.'s psychology research groupSAGE JournalsIn the new research paper issued in, it has been clarified that there are many fields where the 10,000 hour rule does not apply.

This research group is "Meta analysisBy analyzing the research data (analysis data) on 88 deliberate practices using a method of analyzing and analyzing a number of analytical data called "how effective is the 10,000 hour rule in what field?" We investigated whether there was.

According to the results, it was found that 10,000 hours of diligent exercise has an influence on the ability of people called first-class genius to flower on average only 12%. Looking at the detailed breakdown, the contribution of the 10,000 hour rule is 26% for the game, 21% for music, 18% for sports, 4% for education and 1% for intellectual profession It is said not to be.

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Depending on the field, the result of the meta-analysis that the 10,000 hour rule hardly passes may be attributed to the presence or absence of "strict rules". In other words, in competition in fields where classical music and chess rules do not change significantly, it is very important to repeatedly practice serious exercise, whereas in absolute terms such as rock 'n' roll or business In the field where there are no specific rules and sometimes you can break the fixed concept and get high evaluation by protruding from the frame, it means that 10,000 hours of training can not be said as a shortcut to absolute success.


Dr. McNamera of Princeton University said, "There is no doubt that serious exercise is important in any field, but the 10,000 hour rule is not absolute as much as it has been told so far It is said. "

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