An island floating in the sky like a fantasy RPG and a fantastic sight appear when you take time lapse with 360 degree panorama x long exposure for night sky

A fantastical time lapse movie that realized panorama shooting of 360 degrees by attaching a fisheye lens to four cameras and photographed the night sky with long exposure using this set "Planetary Panoramas - 360 Degree Night-Sky Time-LapsePhoto artist'sVincent BradyHas published it on YouTube.

Planetary Panoramas - 360 Degree Night-Sky Time-Lapse by Vincent Brady, Music by Brandon McCoy - YouTube

Using four cameras, I took a picture for 2 to 3 hours on average for 1 to 2 minutes exposure time, it seems that I gathered all the photographic materials necessary for creating time lapse movies.

It is located in Utah, USAArches National Park.

The Milky Way also gives a good face.

This was taken from two arched rocks similarly located in Arches National Park.

Since I shoot 360 degrees, if you let the ground part reflected in the photograph connect spherically, it is possible to create a picture like a small planet floating in space.

It is like this when shooting from two arch shaped rocks.

I discovered the Milky Way again in Iwama.

This is also Arches National Park.

Because it is a time lapse movie, sometimes clouds make it hard to see the starry sky ... ...

Shooting stars rush and run.

If you connect the photos of the four cameras so that the ground surrounds the starry sky, it will look like this.

A small planet floating in the starry sky.

If the exposure time is extended, the locus of the star will remain as a line of light.

Because there are two vortices, it looks like a magnetic field line.

It seems like an ordinary panorama picture ......

The Milky Way coalesces.

In something terrible shade landscape, the Milky Way draws an arch like a rainbow.

A shooting star glows in the night sky.

The night has come to a close, but since the shooting is taking place with a long exposure, the starry sky and the morning sun coexist in one picture.

If you connect photos taken during the day, this way.

As there are many clouds, the picture is completed as if you are capturing the sky from Laputa that is protected by the dragon's nest.

Start shooting again from the day at another spot.

The day fell gradually, I was able to take a fantastic situation where the sunset and the starry sky were mixed.

Night sky in the desert.

It's as though time will accelerate.

And at the end it is a bit of a blank ground.

In addition, Mr. Vincent shot around to create this movie, Missouri ·Devils Tower· In the Glacier National ParkLogan Pass· Mountains in British Columbia · Sandstones in the southwestern part of the United States are included.

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