Programs can be assembled by playing one song, software that can program by pinging the keyboard of a piano appears

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A developer invented software that allows programming while playing the piano by converting data output from the MIDI terminal of the electronic piano into keys and commands on the computer.

Programming on a Keyboard ... a Piano Keyboard | ELEKS Labs

In the early 1950's, the world's firstSuccessfully playing music on computerTo do. Since then, in the music industry computers have gradually evolved as useful tools. Currently, plug-in that produces the sound itselfVSTi, Digital synthesizer and so on, it is possible to produce sound without worrying about the existence of tapes anytime, anywhere, even at home, it is becoming possible to record sounds as if they were recorded in the studio It is.

Advances in digital equipment in the music industry,MIDIIt seems that it is largely due to the invention of. This MIDI is the MIDI standards council of Japan and international organizationsMIDI Manufacturers AssociationIt is known as one for digital transfer of musical performance data of electronic musical instruments between devices.

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According to the MIDI standard, performance data (sound) data is exchanged with data composed of multiple bytes (8 bits) called MIDI messages. Two kinds of bytes called "status byte" and "data byte" are used in this MIDI message, for example, pianoCentral HaIf you press the key on the keyboard, the status byte and data byte are determined as follows. And by sending a MIDI message from the electronic piano to the other terminal, it will be possible to reproduce the sound of the center caught by the electronic piano at the other terminal.

The keyboard of the computer also operates in a manner similar to MIDI messages, such as "execute this command when this key is pressed". So, a software development company based in Lviv in UkraineELEKSYuriy Guts, a developer of the software, developed software to translate MIDI messages coming out of the MIDI terminal to make the piano a tool for programming.

The name of the software developed by Yuriy is "Midichlorian".Visual StudioExtension for the programming languageC #You can program using.

Midichlorian extension

Using Midichlorian, you can convert MIDI messages that are output when you hit the keyboard of an electronic piano to computer commands. this is,Song of Pi(Song from π!) That it was created by being inspired, which kind of command will be output when you press which key is as shown in the image below.

Using Midichlorian and electronic piano, the world's most famous program "Hello worldIf you realize, it will be as follows.

Hello World: A Suite For Visual Studio in C # Minor - YouTube

At first there is a text editor which has nothing written in it.

When you hit the keyboard of the electronic piano, characters were typed in the red frame part of the screen.

Enter the code to play the song ...

At last the character of "Hello World" appeared in the red frame part.

The program is completed with about 1 minute of performance ......

The program output "Hello World" on the screen.

We are also publishing musical score to form "Hello world".

Hello World: a Suite for Visual Studio in C # Minor

In addition, "Midichlorian" for converting MIDI messages to code is open source so it is published on GitHub.

YuriyGuts / midichlorian · GitHub

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