"Mushroom mountain chocolate banana & bamboo shoots village strawberry milk" is a festival banana chocolate & strawberry milk flavored image of shaved ice

From 18th June 2014 Meiji new flavor of mushrooms and bamboo shoots "Mushroom mountain chocolate banana"Takaneko no Sato Ichigo Milk"We sell. In order to confirm the taste that I imaged banana chocolate and shaved ice which are sold at festival opening store, it compared the actual eating compared with the time when the festival such as fireworks is held in various places.

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"Mushroom mountain chocolate banana" "Takenoko no Sato Ichigo milk" package looks like this.

A mountain of mushrooms Chocolate banana is a mountain of mushrooms with chocolate and banana chocolate in two layers. The stoning part is cocoa cracker.

Cocoa butter and banana powder are used for raw materials.

Calorie is 387 kcal

I imagined a chocolate banana sold at a festival opening store, and characterized by a fragrant banana chocolate.


I tried out it all on the plate.

It is made like a chocolate banana stuck in a skewer.

When you eat it you will feel the scent of banana strongly. The proportion of banana chocolate is higher than that of two-layer chocolate taste rather than banana chocolate taste one color.

It is a sweet chocolate, but it is balanced with a bitter cocoa cracker.

Next is bamboo shoot's strawberry milk.

Bamboo shoots conscious of shaved ice with condensed strawberries.

Dried strawberries etc. are used for raw materials.

The calorie is 350 Kcal.

Instant opening.

It is a gorgeous pink color.

I can see strawberry grains when I see it nearby.

Although I can not say it is shaved ice when I try it, strawberry chocolate feels acidity and sweetness, and the cookie dough is crisp.

In addition, mushroom mountain chocolate banana and bamboo shoots strawberry milk are on sale for 200 yen per tax. Both are different flavors, so if you eat and compare it, it will be fun.

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