I tried challenging "Jack Habanerosabisabi taste" with the pungent taste of the Trinity attacking in the mouth

Speaking of spicy food is famous for its use of habanero, but since June 16, 2014 Nissin "Habanero, Wasabi, Shrimp of the Three Truths Shocking!Hot taste of hot taste named before "Spicy hot-fried soba JACK Habanero wasabi taste"Has appeared. What will happen if additional spices are added to Habanero that has enough power even by itself? So I got it actually and challenged it.

"Spicy-grilled soba JACK Habanerosa wasabi taste" (released on June 16) | Nissin Food Group

Spicy hot-fried soba JACK Habanero wasabi taste | Nissin Food Group

Spicy hot-fried soba JACK Habanero It is a box-shaped package with wasabi flavor.

In addition to Habanero which is familiar with hot spicy food, it is ferocious spicy fried noodles with wasabi and mustard ......

There is a notice to avoid eating people who are not good at children and hardships.

The secret of spicy is "Jack Powder" with three spices mixed

Looking at the raw materials, miso and oyster sauce are used for sauce. The sauce is Maimo-style miso sauce that used a lot of pepper and sugar noodles.

How hot a yakisoba is it ...? Lead it open.

It contains a liquid sauce and jack powder, which seems to be laid at the bottom of the box.

Start by challenging by putting hot water.

Wait 3 minutes.

It is written as "a surprised box," and I hope that it is not simply a pungent product.

After 3 minutes, cut the hot water ......

Pour liquid source.

It is a drained and poured sauce containing pork fat, it is a seafood-like fragrance rather than fried noodles sauce.

Stir well ...

First let's eat as it is. Chinese style fried noodles with oyster sauce are rich, but it is delicious enough as it is, but as the source is small, it seems impossible to choose not to put the powder to the last.

Jack powder is written "Please open it with care so as not to get in your eyes." ....

That's why Zabar put in powder for yakisoba!

At the level where you breathe as soaring powder, at this point it is already a weapon.

When eating a single mouth without ever mixing it, I felt a little fragrance and sweetness as a wasabi as a wasabi beef, so I thought that "Is not that it too painful?" A pungent spirit blows into the mouth. When the editorial staff who is not good at hot objects tried it, they knocked down with a stranger raised with a single mouth.

There is an amount of sorry degree at best.

When eating mixed with powder well, the flavor of mustard is hardly felt, either because the wasabi-like scent and habanero's pungent taste are intense. It is hot spicy but it also feels the sauce of the sauce, so it's getting hot and you will see that you are challenging "delicious hot spicy".

Even if you eat it together quickly you can not suppress your spirit at all. Meanwhile, editorial staff who love spicy foods were finished without water. There is a response to eat noodles with medium thick noodles, but because the bathtub was too steady, the moisture is too little to feel more pungent. People who are anxious are better off cutting a little sparingly.

Since powder tends to become lumps, if it does not mix well, it hits directly and it gets caught. It is not abnormal spicy, so if you are a spicy lover you can eat deliciously, but you should keep a person who is not good at hot objects ....

In addition, "Spicy fried soba JACK Habanerosa wasabi taste" can be purchased at a price of 170 yen per serving.

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