Japanese football Japanese national team vs. Colombia national team fight, unique supporters summary

From 5 am on June 25, 2014, Japan national football team came to a match with Colombia national team with the aim of advancing to the finals tournament at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It was a game that started from a very early time of 5 o'clock on weekdays, but we aimed to advance to the finals tournament, all over Japan being united and supporting.

The Twitter trend at the start of the game is like this, and 8 out of 9 are related to the representative of Japan to Colombia.

A score sheet was prepared on the timeline so that the World Cup match could be supported immediately.

It seems that the scramble intersection of Shibuya on the 25th was quite quiet.

However, the police also exercisedStupidityIt seems that he was pretty much alarmed.

It's almost like watching the game in front of the TVI will explain like a fanMr. Yasutaro Matsuki explained his explanation of the representative of Japan to Colombia, which was a topic in football fans.

Although the Japanese delegation holds the leadership of the game, the first half goes on, but Colombia's counter will be awarded a preliminary score to Colombia by a certain PK donation.

However, at the 40th minute of the first half of the day, the Japanese delegates are doing quite a lot of shoots and it is clear from the numbers that the shoot consciousness is dramatically changing.

And Shinji Okazaki 's heading goal just before the end of the first half came to the same tie by Japan.

Colombia national team started the second half with Ace's Hames Rodriguez. The fear of Colombian counter is increased at once.

In the latter half Japan 's representative continued to push in Colombia, but Colombia effectively added at the counter, and finally it was 1-4 and the Japanese delegate was lost. The point difference has been opened, but the impression that Colombia who took the opportunity accurately was a bad guy or both one and two were good.

There were also many individual supporters who went to Brazil and cheered Japan representatives from the field.

Ippei, a frog, also went to Brazil to see the field.

Supporter to become a national flag and support

On Twitter, beauty supporters who took a moment to watch TV became a hot topic.

Doggy supporter

Nyanko supporter

Very small supporters as well.

Colombian supporters and Pacoiri.

Yuru Kara also participated in support.

Of course, there were a lot of supporters who sent ale from the front of the television in Japan. This is the state of public viewing in Kannami-cho, Shizuoka prefecture.

Public viewing was also carried out at Toyosu cinema.

It seems that 400 people gathered from the morning at Tokyo Tower Public Viewing.

Public viewing was also held at school gymnasiums and a lot of students gathered.

A salaried worker before commuting also cheered for support while spending sleeping.

In addition, the scrambled intersection in Shibuya seems to have disbanded without a celebration like the first round of the World Cup.

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