Landmine detection helping landmine removal process by sniffing landmines buried in the ground What is the harsh duty of a dog?

MineIs a weapon that can be installed cheaply, it is also famous as a weapon that costs extremely high expenses to process after battle / conflict. In order to discover such a troubling landmine, a "landmine detection dog" that detects landmines instead of landmine detectors is carrying out the harsh duties daily and night.

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Marshall Legacy Institute(MLI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 with the philosophy of alleviating the suffering of the area devastated by war, a landmine detection dog partnership that nurtures a "landmine detection dog" that detects landmines and aids removal work We are developing a program. According to MLI, MLI-born landmine detection dogs have contributed to removing landmines from 14 million square meters of earth in 24 countries in the last two years to make it safe land.

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Dan Haiter, who has been in the US Army for 22 years and has served as a military dog ​​trainer for 12 years, served as a MLI co-owner and trained dog as an active mine detective dog trainer. According to Mr. Haiter, the mine detection dog is required to have a delicate attentiveness and concentration ability that is unusual, so in the explosive detection dog and the landmine detection dog that seals explosives at the airport, the type of mission is completely It is different. "Explosive object detection dog searches for objects from buildings, luggage, vehicles, etc. Duties for some dogs are" fun work. "However, the search range of the landmine detection dog is a vast ground, It is a monotonous and demanding task to repeat. "

Mr. Haiter said that for mine detection dogsGerman ShepherdThan BelgianBelgian Shepherd(Commonly known as Marinoa) is suitable. This is because dog species that can accommodate mine detection dogs are obedient and excellent, as well as battle areas where there are different environments from burning earth like Afghanistan to extremely cold earth.

Trained mine detective dog not only sniffs plastic and metal explosives but also can respond sensitively to heavy metals in the soil and because it is light in weight, in the unlikely event of explosion even if you step on a landmine It is said that gender is small. "The mortality rate of the landmine detection dog's mission is 3-4%, I do not know exact statistics but it is less than people doing landmine detection work," Haiter says.

Although MLI is offering excellent dogs from reliable breeders of the Netherlands, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, not all dogs withstand training and growing up as landmine detection dogs, the dropped out dogs are narcotics It will be sent back to Europe to walk a new way as a dog.

According to Mr. Haiter, the mission of a mine detective dog is extremely harsh,PTSDIt is said that many dogs retreat from their duties by causing them. Mr. Haiter said that he tried hard to find a new family for the dog who was exhausted due to the harsh mission of landmine detection and retired.Modern farmerReporters from the reporter asked, "Do you own your pet?", "All mine detection dogs are my pets because I am staying at the training place," Hayter Mr. answers.

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