A new CM for iPhone 5s that puts fitness application in front is still on the road

Approximately nine months have elapsed since the sale of iPhone 5s, although it is anxious about the appearance of a new iPhone, Apple has released a new CM of the current model iPhone 5s on YouTube. The main stylish finish is the introduction of the application rather than the introduction of the functional aspect of iPhone 5s.

Apple - iPhone 5s - You have power beyond imagination

Apple - iPhone 5s - TV Ad - Strength - YouTube

A movie starts with a scene where a man wearing running wear is sitting on the bed at dawn. BGMRobert PrestonofChicken Fat.

Running on the bed ......

The raised woman is mad and throws a pillow to a man.

The scene changes and women are swimming.

When I put the black tip I put on the iPhone at swimming ... ....

You can see data on exercise. this is"Misfit ShineFitness app that can manage sleeping.

The scene changes, the woman is running next.

Go up a steep slope and jog.

I am looking up while going up a slope ... ....

"ARGUS"It is a tracking application that will give you data such as the number of steps and heart rate.

Take the weight scale ......

A man with an iPhone.

this is"Health Mate"An application that measures the number of steps and tracks exercise amount every day. It is possible to track momentum and set a goal of weight and graph it.

A yellow sensor is attached to the golf glove.

Apparently this is like a driving range in Japan, a man behind has a iPhone and is watching the screen.

This application is "Zepp Golf". By attaching a sensor to the glove, you can immediately see the data on the swing.

I move up and down with a bench by the sea ......

A man with a push-up.

this is"7 Minute WorkoutApplication that introduces optimal exercise in 7 minutes. It can also be linked with iTunes.

The scene has changed and the man is doing a bench press.

Behind the iPhone to look with a little tired look ......

"StrongLifts 5x5 Workout". Weight of lifted barbell, squat, bench press,Barbell RowYou can record the number of times.

Before the line of sight of a woman hanging his legs with his arms on ... ...

"TRX FORCE". If you do this training you will train your body trunk etc.

A kid wearing exercise clothes in the park is running in the park.

The app that the man on the far right is watching ... ...

"SprintTimer". Use at the start of athleticsStarter pistolIt is said that you can get the sound of it or you can get the exact time of short distance driving.

A man who kicks a free kick with a form like Beckham.

The kicked ball was sucked into the goal cleanly. The person behind the coach has an iPhone.

This is an application of adidas which can record football's ball movement etc. "MiCoach smart ball". You can watch videos of professional players' techniques, or use them for training such as free kicks.

For men's bicycle with a helmet ......

"Wahoo Fitness"The iPhone that included. In the video, men who are on the bicycle are introduced, but they seem to be usable when running.

At the end of the video, the first couple appeared on the iPhone with their arms running, "You're more powerful than you think" (yourself is more powerful than you think) "is displayed in the center of the screen .

Then familiar iPhone 5s characters emerge and the movie ends.

It's a one minute movie, it is content that understands various applications compatible with iPhone 5s, so it seems to be ok to watch it once for iPhone users.

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