Starbucks introduces a wireless charger to the store, compliant charging of the smartphone is easy

The smartphone 12 meters ahead of the wall and door blocked by the evolution of wireless charging technologyChargeableWireless power transmission technology "CotaAlthough Starbucks was developed as early as possible, Starbucks responded to the flow of wireless charging early and installed a table with a wireless charger embedded in stores in San Francisco, USA and Boston.

National Rollout of Wireless Charging, by Duracell Powermat, Begins in Starbucks Stores | Starbucks Newsroom

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What happens when you wirelessly charge a smartphone with Starbucks? The appearance can be confirmed from the movie on the following page.

National Rollout of Wireless Charging, by Duracell Powermat, Begins in Starbucks Stores | Starbucks Newsroom

The Starbucks store introduced "Powermat SpotsWireless charger called. Powermat SpotsPower Mat TechnologiesWhenProcter & Gamble(P & G) affiliatedDuracellA joint venture companyDuracell · Power MatIt is a product developed by.

A store where Powermat Spots was actually introduced is like this. At first glance it looks like smartphones are on the table ... ...

When you turn off your smartphone, you can see that rounded items are embedded in the table.

This is Powermat Spots.

Another store looks like this.

Even if you do not have a USB cable when your smartphone's battery level runs low, charging your smartphone by placing your smartphone on top of the Powermat Spots on the table.

It can be crispy even if a call comes in while charging.

Of course it is possible to charge not only smartphones but also portable batteries.

For wireless power supply, the international standards supported by Google's "Nexus" series, Nokia's "Lumia" series, etc.QiThere is Powermat Spots, but it is differentPower Matters AllianceIt conforms to the standard defined by PMA (PMA). Manufacturers such as Blackberry and HTC are participating in PMA, but even terminals not compatible with the PMA standard can charge if they have an adapter called "Ring".

This is Ring.

Starbucks will be offering wireless charging system for tea specialty storesTeavanaIt is scheduled to be deployed to all stores in the US including US, and it is scheduled to be introduced as a trial to European and Asian stores within the year.

In 2001, Starbucks introduced Wi - Fi to the store, but at that time, the number of terminals equipped with Wi - Fi was about 5% of the total. New technology may be difficult to introduce to the industry due to price problems, but Starbucks will introduce wireless charging to make it the mainstream of the world as well as Wi-Fi, a spokeswoman says.

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