A graph summarizing the situation before and after the development of "WebKit" and "Blink" branches

Google Chrome used WebKit of the same HTML rendering engine as Apple's Web browser Safari once,Change engine from "Chrome 28" to "Blink"Did. WebKit was open source, but Blink has been in conflict with Apple's development policyFork (branch)What you did. A graph summarizing how this fork affected each engine was produced.

One year of Blink and WebKit

The HTML rendering engine is a program for interpreting a description language for displaying a web page, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., and actually displaying characters and images on the screen, it can be said to be the heart part of the web browser portion. It was WebKit that Apple forked the HTML rendering engine "KHTML" developed in 1998 for Safari, and the open source web browser created using this WebKit is "Chromium"Google Chrome is based on Chromium.

The graph below shows theNumber of commitsIn a stacked graph. There is a vertical dashed line in April 2013, but this shows the point where Blink was split on April 3. The number of subsequent commits is greater for Blink. It can be said that Apple and Google had "co-developed" WebKit, but since the camp of the Google side has many commits, it tends to follow the fork as well. The "core" part isSource / WebCoreYaSource / WTFIt refers to the code that is shared in common like.

Here is a graph comparing the number of commitments of both Apple and Google camps before and after the fork. The camp is constantly more committed than the Apple faction at all times.

Here is a graph comparing the number of lines of program code. At the time of the fork shown by the dashed line, graphs are decreasing due to both Apple and Google's camp greatly deleting unrelated code from each other, but since then there has shown a tendency to increase moderately gently You can also take a look.

This graph looks like this when we compare the number of commits after a fork for each contributor (contributor). You can see the prominent contribution of Apple, which is diametrically opposite, to the leftmost Google. Samsung, who is the next biggest contributor of both, is somewhat close to Google but also contributing to both. Opera which adopted Blink from July 2013 prominently contributes to Contribution to Blink is conspicuous.

Also, the graph below shows the classification of the number of major correction points applied to both engines after forking and expressed by area.

Since the graph at the source has been drawn in svg format, people who came to this keyword may be interesting even if they go to see.

In addition, Google announced that on June 3, 64-bit version of Google ChromeCanary (canary build) versionWhenDev (development channel) versionButAnnounced that it became downloadableDid. Unlike the stable version, the behavior may be unstable due to the version being developed, so please download and use at your own risk after understanding the point.

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