"How to Create an Instant Bestselling Novel" gathered sentence technique and advice for easily writing "best selling novel"

ByMichael Shaheen

Stephen KingIs "In the sky of Shawshank"stand by me"Green Mile"We are sending out a number of best-selling novels to the world, but in order to write a story accepted globally it is necessary to have a talented ability to draw writing power and attracting people and developing outstanding story development. What kind of technique is used to write best-selling novels? What story development can be the best selling novel? A mathematician who studied thatCliff PickoverMr"A way to easily write best-selling novels"Is released to the public.

How to Create an Instant Bestselling Novel

◆ Best Selling Writing Practice Techniques 14 Selections

ByOliver Hammond

1: "show" rather than "speak"
Rather than talking monotonically like a narrator, it is better to express the movement of the character. Instead of saying "Garth became nervous" instead of saying "Gers' hand trembled" or "I thought Garth would not want to go through this hole with 3 Israeli", " It is absolutely impossible to go through here with Lisa! "It is better to show the behavior of the character in the wind.

2: Body movement
Before someone talks, depicting the movement of the body of the character has the effect of clarifying "who talks".

"When will you leave for France, John asked.

John sighed slowly, "When will you leave for France?"

3: Shorter than lengthening
In real life, it is said that frequent abbreviations should often be used in sentences, such as talking a combination of short sentences and phrases.

"Surf the web with PC"

"Let's net"

4: Separate conversations
When it is necessary to write a conversation sentence, it is better to insert the phrase "~ he / she said" at the earliest possible timing of the remark. Specifically, it will be like this.

"I understand, I will not kill him," he said.

"I understand," he said. "I will not kill him."

"The document was affixed to the wall by a doctor"Passive stateDo not write, "Doctor put the document on the wall" rewrite it as active.

6: Avoid the omniscient narrator
By keeping the narrator in the head of one of the characters, you can make the story directly. For example, we limit the narrator in the head of Jake. Jake can not read Melinda 's heart in the story, so readers can imagine Melinda' s thought by Jake 's felt about Melinda, what he saw, what he could see, heard, and her conversation .

7: Do not rush the scene
If you need to hurry the scene, minimize the attention to details and texture, and let's describe actions and anxiety more.

8: Natural conversation
When you are worried about whether it is a natural conversation, it is best to read aloud and read it.

9: Appeal to the senses
In order to involve the reader strongly, it is necessary to stimulate the sense of the reader. If odor, tactile sensation, sound, awkwardness etc. are missing over 10 pages, that book will lose directness.

10: Use "say"
Mr. Pickover noticed that the young artist substitutes "I told you" to the wind "I commanded," "cautioned", "issued", "started talking" instead. It is thought that it is a measure to not become redundant, but the best writer has used "I said" almost at all times, making conversation meaningful. A sentence saying, "Let's go out of here right now!" Is a sentence that is much worse than "I ordered him right now!" The word "command" has a strong meaning and warps attention from conversation, but in the case of the word "say", the reader may not notice this, so emphasis on conversation I can.

11: Do not use "Start to do"
It is better not to use expressions like "I started to do" "I am trying to do" to the characters. Let's change "Mary started going down the street with skipping", not "Mary scored down the city with skipping".

12: Avoid stiff expression

"I was thinking about Joe all the while, but Mary turned on TV."

"Mary turned on TV and was thinking about Joe all the while."Alternatively,"Mary turned on TV and thought of Joe."

13: Impress the characters
When letting the character to say something or end it, impress the character to the reader by making something responded reply. When a fresh writer develops a story, he often tends to forget the reply of the character.

14: Do not use parentheses
It is easier to complement the phrase using parentheses, even if it can complement, it is better to summarize in one sentence. As an example, "I like shaved dogs with sharp ears, fur, teeth and lips yellowish brown".

◆ 8 advice to create bestsellers

ByHartwig HKD

1: Buy National Geographic
Looking at each picture and dive into the water, trying to smell and listening to the sound ......, with the eyes on the page, you can select settings and use it to describe clear scenery about.

2: Male (A) and female (B) to the main character and man (C) and female (D) to the sub characters as well
In order to create charm under the water in the story, you should raise the tension between the main man (A) and the sub woman (D). Also, the main man (A) needs to have special skills to solve the problem indicated in the story.

3: A kiss is necessary for men (A) and women (B)
At a certain point of the story, in order to derive the charm of the men and women of the main character, it is necessary to have a physical expression such as "holding a hand" or "kissing".

4: Dangerous situation
Better when a crisis situation exists throughout the story. It is desired that the effect of alleviating tension at a certain point and suddenly hitting the characters will be delayed.

5: Eliminate every long sentence description that slows reading pace
Practice to write sentences that do not drop the reading pace of more than 5 paragraphs without paragraph. After practicing repeatedly, it is said that the point where to separate the paragraph naturally comes to be seen.

6:The story begins with the story that attracts attention of readers
Since the sentences of the beginning are particularly important, it is the iron rule to start with glowing sentences.

7: Do not use flashback
Flashback is an element that breaks the composition of the story.

8: Calibration is always done
He said he should never make contributions until he receives proofreading from several people.

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