Notable prominent experts point out that Eugene, the first Turing test passed in history, has not passed the test

ByConstantine Belias

Turing testAt the "Turing Test 2014" held at Reading University on June 8, 2014, the 60th anniversary of Dr. Alan Turing's creation,"Eugene (Eugene)" passed the Turing test for the first time in historyAlthough it became talked about, it is spewing from prominent computer experts that against this accomplishment, "It is hard to acknowledge that it passed the Turing test."

Response by Ray Kurzweil to the announcement of chatbot Eugene Goostman passing the Turing test | Kurzweil AI

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Authority on artificial intelligence research known for inventing the text-to-speech machine "Kurzweil reader"Ray KurzweilDr. Eugene is dismissed as "It is not a computer but a bot". First, Dr. Kurzweil wonders about the examination method of the Turing test this time. Kevin Warwick, vice president of the University of Reading hosting Turing Test 2014, said that "This exam is very strict, with no restrictions on themes and questions", Dr. Kurzweil said, "First, Eugene The 13-year-old Eugene-Gutsman juvenile who lives in Ukraine, supposed to have no English as a mother tongue, can not use native English "itself was nothing more than" restriction "in the judgment of the judge" I pointed out.

Furthermore, as to the point that the examination time was limited to a short time of 5 minutes, "In such a short time, it is possible enough to deceive judges who are easy to be cheated and easily deceived." In fact, Dr. Kurzweil talked with Eugene online, "I was not impressed at all because Eugene does not follow the conversation at all because he repeats his own words, This is a typical example of repeating irrelevant remarksChat botIt is a feature of ".

Also, Professor Gary Marcus, who teaches cognitive science at New York University, has given Eugene the evaluation "not just innovative hardware but merely coded software". Dr. Marcus pointed out that "Chatbot has the characteristic of skillfully rolling people into smoke by returning with humor to a question that they can not understand," Eugene's response is exactly this type of technology It is pointed out. Dr. Marcus says, "It is unavoidable to misunderstand Eugene's humorous wit (reality) as an untrained judge, but I understand the tendency of such a chat bot It is easy to find out if it is so, "he says.

ByThomas Hawk

Dr. Kurzweil and Dr. Marcus have confirmed that although the study of artificial intelligence has been developed by the existence of the Turing test and both the significance of the test itself is admitted, at the present time, artificial intelligence that passes the Turing test under the condition that all restrictions are removed There seems to be agreement in that there is no existence.

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