I tried drinking "Mitsuya Freezing Cider" at the moment of opening the cap that the contents begin to freeze

Giraffe'sThe most squeezed frozenAlthough drinks with sherbet floating are gradually beginning to appear, asahi drinks are beginning to appear from June 4 (Wednesday) at about 1000 Seven Eleven stores in the country, the contents begin to freeze the moment the cap is openedMitsuya freezing ciderWe released the. This cider was limited sale at Seven Eleven in Nagano · Yamanashi about 600 stores, Kinki area about 300 stores, and about 100 stores in the metropolitan area, so we happened to have stores handled nearby, so I bought it and drank it .

Newly released Mitsuya Cider "Mitsuya Freising Cider" under freezing point | News Release 2014 | Company Information | Asahi Beverages

Arrived at Seven Eleven.

I found a private refrigerator of Mitsuya Freising Cider next to the cash register. It is said that it has a cooling function set to minus 5 degrees.

It looks like this when opening a dedicated refrigerator. I will purchase it.

I put it in an insulated bag and brought it home so that the cold condition can be maintained.

Mitsuya Freezing Cider is a cool blue package.

It is a commemoration of the 130th anniversary commemoration.

"When the seal approaches the color of" Step 3 "in the dedicated refrigerator, it is around time to drink." The color of the seal of Mitsuya Cider who I bought looks quite close to Step 3.

Ingredients are sugar, fragrance, acidulant, etc. Calories are 46 kcal per 100 ml, 230 kcal per 500 ml.

There was a note written in the freezer of the house and not to give a shock.

Cap is with ordinary Mitsuya Cider.

When opening it, I could not confirm the freezing phenomenon in particular. The press release also said that "※ freezing phenomenon may not occur depending on circumstances such as outside temperature, when certain conditions are not satisfied."

Freezing phenomenon does not occur even if it poured into a cup.

When I was drinking, I got an impression such as a cold Mitsuya Cider with a slightly sweet taste. It seems that carbonic acid remains firmly even if it is refrigerated once to a state of freezing at 5 degrees.

In order to experience the freezing phenomenon this time, I tried to open it instantly after purchasing it at a store.

When looking carefully, only a little ice grain appeared, but it was not surprising amount. I tried buying five drinks to experience the freezing phenomenon, but I could not get a freezing phenomenon well.

It is unknown whether the temperature of the drink is higher than expected or whether it is due to the outside air.

How the freezing phenomenon originally happens is that YouTube'sAsahi Group Official ChannelYou can see it in the movie published at.

Introduction of Mitsuya Cider "Sanzaya Freezing Cider" below freezing - YouTube

In the first half of the movie, the cider who is not frozen still shakes the PET bottle gently and waves inside.

However, opening the cap ... ...

It gradually freezes from the upper side ... ...

When trying to pour into a glass, like a sherbet, a mass of iceberg and ice will fall.

I am going to eat it with a spoon.

The price of Mitsuya freezing cider is 162 yen including tax. About 600 stores in Nagano · Yamanashi, about 300 stores in the Kinki area and about 100 stores in the metropolitan area About 1,000 seven-eleven stores in total, the handling stores are quite limited, so if you really want to get the shop in advance It is better to check whether it is left. If you get a good condition, can you drink a sherbet shaped cider ...?

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