"Apple Design Awards" in which Apple chooses outstanding games, diaries, photo applications, etc. will be released

Apple Developer Event WWDC 14Was held from 2:00 am on Tuesday June 3, 2014 Japan time,IOS 8 or Mac OS X YosemiteAlthough it was announced, at WWDC, we selected "excellent software developers"Apple Design AwardsIn 2014, a total of 12 applications including electronic constellation quick-look boards, games, diary apps, etc., were honored.

Apple Design Awards - Apple Developer

So, the iPhone / iPad / Mac app selected by Apple will be selected from the following.

◆ 01: Storehouse

"Storehouse" is a free iPad application that makes story-like albums from photos and movies.

It is possible to share the story composed of photos and movies with people by laying out with an intuitive operation, changing the position of the photo, enlarging / reducing / trimming easily, etc.

This is the actual operation screen. Pinch in / pinch out the selected image with your finger to enlarge or reduce the image, move the image within the frame and perform trimming.

◆ 02: PanoPerfect

SNS sharing panorama photos is "PanoPerfect"

It is specialized in panoramic photography, it is possible to see unique pictures and beautiful pictures and share panorama pictures taken by you. PanoPerfect is a free application.

◆ 03: Addimal Adventure

"Addimal Adventure" is for children, an application to master addition.

Although the application is free, it is only for English version, so it is for children who can have basic English.

◆ 04: Yahoo News Digest

An application that twice a day, some news selected by the Yahoo! Journalist team will be presented at 8 o'clock and 18 o'clock New York time.

What is the remaining time to the next digest news? I will also tell you.

The news looks something like this. Yahoo News Digest is a free application, but an installation requires an American iTunes account.

◆ 05: Sky Guide

Apps that can automatically find stars, constellations, planets, satellites, etc. simply by holding the iPhone in the sky "Sky Guide"

It is said that the application uses the high resolution photograph which the developer actually shot.

It is also possible to study the stars in detail.

You can also see the past and the future starry sky using the fast forward and rewind functions of time. The price is 200 yen.

◆ 06: Monument Valley

A puzzle game using a fantastic illustration is "Monument Valley"

Mauritz EscherA mechanism to move the main character on the stage set in a building of unimaginable structure like a painting of.

Even with the route "There is no way to think about it", if you change the angle, an unexpected road will appear, so it will create a way while changing the angle. The application is 400 yen.

◆ 07: Threes!

This is also a game application.

There are panels written with numbers in 4 × 4 squares.

In addition to "1" and "2", the numbers are multiples of 3, and you can move the panel and combine the panels of "1" and "2" to create "3", or combine the multiples of 3 to form a larger number I will make a score and increase it. The price is 200 yen.

◆ 08: DEVICE 6

An application that fused novels and games. As there is only English version currently, according to customer reviews advanced English knowledge is required

Text is developed as a novel style ......

There is also a quiz going out. The price is 400 yen.

What kind of game is it like? It can be confirmed in the following movie.

DEVICE 6 - Reveal Trailer - YouTube

◆ 09: Blek

Write a line with your fingers and collect colored circles while avoiding black "black holes".

The unique point of this game is that it moves like a living thing at the moment the single line that you export leaves your finger. The price is 300 yen.

If you look at how you are actually playing games, you can understand what kind of game you are playing.

Blek - Official Game Trailer - iOS - YouTube

◆ 10: Guide for Leo's Fortune

"Guide for Leo's Fortune" is a graphic game like Disney and Pixar's movies.

You can see what kind of game it is like from the following movie.

Leo's Fortune Story Trailer - YouTube

The price is 100 yen.

◆ 11: Day One (diary / diary)

"Day One" is a diary application that can be synchronized between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It is simple and easy to use interface, it is also possible to display in calendar format.

It is obvious which photos were taken at any time.

When I display a diary in a timeline format, it looks like this. The iPhone application costs 500 yen,Mac application costs 1000 yenIt has become.

◆ 12: Cinemagraph Pro

A Mac application "Cinemagraph Pro" that can create "Cinema Graph" in which a part moves though it is a photo

The application is an intuitive interface.

An example of the actually created cinema graph is as follows.

The price is 2500 yen.

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