How to receive security updates in unsupported Windows XP will be released


On April 9, 2014 the way to receive free security updates on Windows XP, which is out of support,Beta News"ofWayne WilliamsIt was discovered by Mr.

Windows XP Service Pack 3

Registry hack continuously continued updates for Windows XP | ZDNet

Mr. Williams discovered that using Registry Hack, Windows XP installed will receive security updates. Actually, "Windows XP Service Pack 3Included in ","Windows Embedded POSReady 2009"Is an OS targeted for embedded devices based on the Windows XP kernel. Support of POSReady 2009 will continue until April 2019, but the content of security update is exactly the same as that of Windows XP, Williams uses registry hack, POSReady 2009 security in Windows XP I have devised a way to receive updates.

The way Williams discovered is very simple. First of all, we create a text file named "XP.reg". When assigning a name, it is necessary to confirm that the extension is ".reg" instead of ".txt". After creating "XP.reg", select Edit from right click and copy and paste the following text for 32 bit XP. Simply paste the text, save and exit, double click the icon and you're done. This means that you can receive POSReady 2009 security updates on Windows XP every month.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Installed" = dword: 00000001

If you are using the 64-bit version XP, than the 32-bit versionComplex procedureIs required. The 64-bit version XP is based on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 which is out of support in July 2015. First, download the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 update manually, move it to an arbitrary file and execute it. After execution, copy "update _ SP 2 QFE.inf" in c: \ xpupdate \ update to "new_update _ SP 2 QFE.inf" and rewrite it.

Delete the following text in new_update_SP2QFE.inf.

After deleting, insert the following text at the very end.

After editing new_update_SP 2 QFE.inf, create and execute "update.cmd" file with the following contents. This means that Windows XP will be able to receive security updates for Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

IT related news site "ZDNet"Actually examined the way Williams had created. As a result, we successfully received security updates. What is displayed in the image below is actually the update content received.

The way to receive security updates using registry hack seems to be a good news for users who continue to use Windows XP, but Williams says, "Because Microsoft may correspond and become unavailable, excessive expectations are prohibited It is talking. Please note that the way Williams discovered may violate the license. ZDNet contacted Microsoft about the method discovered this time, but as of the writing of the article, it is said that we have not received comments from Microsoft.

2014/05/28 10:47 Addendum
Microsoft warns about the method discovered this time, and its contents can be confirmed from the following article.

Microsoft warns of how to receive updates with unsupported Windows XP - GIGAZINE

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