Possibility to be searched for a house due to the possession of child pornography that you do not remember


Child pornography is severely cracked down in the US, but the grandfather who saved photos that grandchildren are bathed in a personal computerChild pornography Simple possession of sinSometimes the police are caught and charged with charges that you do not remember. And, even though I did not possess any child pornography, I had a situation in which I was suspected of sin.

Sausalito, CA: Press Releases

Houseguest downloads child porn, cops show up | Ars Technica

The incident occurredGolden Gate BridgeMarin County, California, on the north side. There are Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC / group that crack down on Internet crimes concerning children) in the local police in Marin County, and from day to dayP2PWe monitored the share of child pornography files using. In September of 2013, criminal Amy Yardley was looking for the IP address of Marine County exchanging child pornographic files,SausalitoDiscovered that the file that I thought as child pornography was downloaded in the city network.


Sausalito police officer Brian Mather who received information from Mr. Yardley identified the address of the Internet user who seemed to have downloaded child pornography and did a house search with the investigation team, The file was not found. The landlord thought of the possibility of searching for a house and the possibility of a fine, though it was depressed, but in order to prove innocence, I dropped in at home in the past few months and submitted a list of names of people who used Wi - Fi.

After a couple of months of investigation, Mather arrives at Mark Magner, a 32-year-old. And when searching Magner's home and seizing the PC, photos and movies that children and young people do sexually are discovered.

Mr. Mather arrested Magner on April 22, 2014, and on May 9 the local prosecutor of the Marine group sued Magner for "the possession and management of child pornography". The defense of Magner defense will start from this week.

ByLotus Carroll

The act of lending your own thing to someone is somewhat risky. If you lend a car to my uncle going to buy cigarettes, it is possible that my uncle may cause a personal injury in that car. However, with respect to the Internet device, it is easy to do a lot of acts such as defaming someone, sending spam mail, fraud, hacking, illegal downloading, etc. by using his IP address just by lending it for several hours I will.

It is certain that some kind of countermeasures should be taken at the individual level so that the situation like this case will not happen, but by setting a password, it is made to prevent access to the Internet without permission, or let the customer sign the terms of use There should be few people who want to do things like that. Although it may be technically possible to set up a network for customers, there is still no realistic solution to what to do in order to reduce risk.

At the moment, Ars Technica points out that the case like this one is still rare, but you have to keep in mind that the police may send SWAT to yourself who is relaxing at home.

By the way, as of May 2014 in Japan,Five ruling and opposition parties are discussing with each other towards the establishment of a revised draft prohibition against child pornography. Regardless of actual child sexual crime, the word "child pornography" is walking alone, so that "Please call me [child abuse record] not child pornography.It is calledSignature activitiesAlthough animation and CG are supposed to be deleted in the proposed amendment, it is supposed to be deleted as "case" in the articleGrandparents are arrested on grandson's bathing photoNews is never a fire on the opposite shore.

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