Ghost in the Shell Members Finally Gather "Ghost in the Shell ARISE border: 3" Trailer release

From June 2013All four copies are released sequentiallyIt is "Ghost in the Shell ARISEPrior to the release of "border: 3 Ghost Tears", the 3rd part of "The Ghost Tears", on June 28, 2014, a trailer video was released.

Border: 2 At the time of publication, President Ishikawa Mr. Ishikawa Production I. G got to write about border: 3If Mr. Okata - Mr. Kanase can make what he wants to do, ARISE stands up in a true senseAlthough it was expressing, this episode is finally gathering members of "Ghost in the Shell" members, there are places where President Ishikawa's words are convinced somewhat.

Ghost in the Shell ARISE -GHOST IN THE SHELL-

Border: 3 key visuals look like this, catch phrase is "The love this body (body) wants -".

And this is the trailer released on the 24th.

"Ghost in the Shell ARISE border: 3" theater trailer - YouTube

Although it can be seen from a catch phrase, this time, a gensyo engineer Jose who is a lover of Kusanagi element appeared. It shows a feminine aspect which is slightly different from the one expressed as "Mesolyra".

Synopsis of this work is like this.

A brief report of the bombing terrorism that occurred in a building in the West Nishi arrives from a battle who became a friend to the element of Kusanagi element exchanging Jose and Ozose of a lover. When expressing to the scene and controlling, the terrorists are planted false memories by the super star Wizard class hacker rumored as the fire starter, and furthermore, in the chests of the main criminal Cardis people the hero of the Caldysian war of independence that once occurred in the Kuzan republic " The tattoo of the teardrop · dagger which is the symbol mark of "Sukurasusu" was engraved. The element that saw it asserts that "Succrasus should have died during the war." At the same time, a detective was killed by an explosion that occurred at the mountain dam. In his belongings the business card with the name "MERMAID'S LEGS" and the leg of the prosthetic body with the tag "Aerial" were left behind. The Shinba police detective Togusa who investigates the case reaches Saeed, the representative of the Kuzan republic water company. What are the explosives at the conference hall? What is the identity of a fire starter? When the two incidents cross, the aims of the revived Sukurasasu become clear.

Azse with Jose

From this time Batou will come out as a friend

Business card of "MERMAID'S LEGS"

Leg part of the prosthesis

The appearance of a device as if to make the image of its legs

Having a business card of MERMAID'S LEGS was a criminal who was killed, Togusa was in charge of investigating the case. In border: 1 I felt like a caught outsider, but because there is one other member of the "Ghost in the Shell" member, this time it seems that more entanglement with the element will come out.

Terrorists who bombed terrorist attacks were fake memories planted by ultra-wizard-class hackers rumored to be fire starters, and furthermore, the main criminal Culdis man put the symbol of hero of the former independent war · Scrathus Although it was, Sukurasasu should be dead during the war. This terrorist case and the case of criminal killing will cross each other.

"Ghost in the shell ___ ARISE border: 3 Ghost Tears" will be screened at theaters nationwide for 2 weeks only from Saturday, June 28th.

◆ Staff
Original: Shiro Masamune
Director · Character design · Drawing director: Kazuya Kurosa / Series composition · Screenplay: Okata Den / Music: Cornelius
Directed by: Takayuki Hamana / Mechanic Design: Noriyuki Yanase / 3DCGI: Orange / 3DCG Director: Eiji Inogen /
Fine Arts: Bamboo / Art Director: Yusuke Takeda / Takashi Masaki / Prop · Art Setting: Naoki Arakawa / Director of Photography: Hiroyasu Tanaka /
Sound Director: Miwa Iwanami / Editing: Junichi Uematsu / Soundtrack: Flying Dog /
Ending tea: Shaunn Lennon Cornelius "HeartGrenade" Lyrics: Sean Lennon 作 作 · Arranger: Keigo Oyamada
Animation Production: Production I. G / Production: "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" Production Committee / Distribution: Toho Imaging Department

◆ Cast
Kusanagi element: Maaya Sakamoto
Aramaki Daisuke: Kakuzu Kazuhisa / Batou: Matsuda Kenichiro / Togusa: Arakaki Taruzuke / Ishikawa: Shinku Sakino / Site: Takuro Nakago / Paz: Ueda Shinji /
Boma: Nakai Kazuya / Logicoma: Sawashiro Miyuki / Jose: Suzuki Tatsuho / Said: Hisakawa Aya / Kurzu: Mayumi Asano / Ema: Ai Kino

© Masamune Shiro Production I. G / Kodansha · "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" Production Committee "

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