Giant Market If you summarize the wide variety of services of Alibaba that completely dominates China, it becomes like this


China's largest Internet company "Ali Baba Group (Alibaba)To the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on May 6, 2014I applied for initial public offering (IPO). It raises funds of about 20 billion dollars (about 2 trillion yen) over Facebook's $ 16 billion (about 1.6 trillion yen) and whispers the possibility that the highest ever IPO will be established as a high-tech affiliate Alibaba is highly regarded for its corporate value, but the cause of attention to this extent is in the powerful service group affiliated by Alibaba Group. A summary of Alibaba's service group and its rival companies is like this.

All the Western companies you 'd have to combine to get something like Alibaba - Quartz

Ecommerce for business

ByGarfield Anderssen

The core service of the Ali Baba groupB2BA site that mediates electronic commerce (e-commerce) ""is., which began service in 1999, is used not only as a commercial transaction in China but also as a place of international trade between China and countries and regions around the world, and communication is conducted mainly in English . In B2B's e-commerce, there is no service comparable to in the world.

Consumer e-commerce

ByTim Reckmann

Alibaba, who won the B2B e-commerce, in 2003C2CEcommerce "Taobao(Tao Bao) "opened. The name of the service "Taobao" comes from the meaning "there are no missing treasures = no treasures that can not be sold". As soon as the service starts, Taobao completely restrains the online shopping market in China, and now it is said that the market share in China will be 80%. This Tao Bao rival isEBayis.

Furthermore, in 2010,Heavenly cat(Tall Mall) "and Alibaba himself started the service of selling things to consumers. With less than a year since launching the service, brands such as GAP and Ray Ban opened at T Mall and started to make a good start. The Tall Mall looks like a rival, as well as the world's largest shopping siteAmazonis.

In addition,Cyber ​​MondayCorrespond toLight fangsTotal sales of Tao Bao and Tall Mall in 2013 on November 11It rose to about 580 billion yen in 24 hoursAnd that.

Online payment service

ByChristian Rivera

Alibaba who dominated both e-commerce markets of B2B and C2C needed online payment service next. Alibaba settled for Tao Bao "Treasure treasure(Alipay) "started. Alipay's model and rival are alsoPayPalis.


BySlava Murava Kiss

Since the regulation of the Internet by the Chinese government is very severe, services that are popular all over the world are not offered in China.TwitterIs a representative example, but instead there is Alibaba's Chinese version of Twitter as a service to say "Miho(Weibo) "is. However, China's Twitter's Wavebo has 129 million active users, mainly in urban areas, but the censorship system by the Chinese governmentGolden Shield (Great Firewall)SSL encryption has not been done so as not to escape from the rule of. In addition, Waibo makes an initial public offering (IPO) in the US in April 2014 one month prior to Alibaba,Successful financing of 285.6 million dollars (about 29 billion yen)doing.

Smartphone market

BySteve Garfield

The number of smartphone users in China has exceeded 500 million, and it is increasing year by year. Naturally, Alibaba should not miss the smartphone market.

·Music streaming distribution service
With music streaming serviceSpotifyIs popular all over the world soon it is coming to Japan but when speaking of popular music streaming in China Alibaba acquired "Rice cake(Xiami) "service. However, Xiami is a free distribution of musicI have a problem with copyright processingIt is pointed out.

You can download free music on YouTube and iTunes Xiami (Chinese illegal site) - YouTube

·Taxi dispatch service
As a service that makes it easy to arrange taxis and hires from smartphonesUberAlthough it is famous, Alibaba has a service name of "get a taxi right away"Pleasant car"there is.

·Map service
Alibaba's map application service is "Takanori(Auto Navi) ", rival isGoogle Maps.

·Cloud storage
DropboxAlibaba as a service exactly the same as cloud storage "Rogue board(Kanbox) "started in September 2013.


ByPeter Morgan

A subsidiary of the Washington Post newspaper major online educationKAPLANIn order to combat against Alibaba in February 2014, service to 30 countries around the worldTutorGroupWe invested 100 million dollars (about 10.2 billion yen).

In this way Alibaba's business is spreading to all kinds of services, and both services are enormously popular in the huge market China. The figure below shows the parallel service of Alibaba's service and representative rival service. Given that Alibaba will be launched from China in the future, it seems to me that why Alibaba's IPO is gaining attention as a big event in the IT industry.

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