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From May 29 th bowl of rice bowl as "the first bowl of roast pork" series "Ginger dahlose pork bowlWe will start selling. It is seasoned with baked wind whether it is three pieces of roast meat of quaternary pigs. The price is 630 yen with miso soup, 690 yen with semisolved egg · miso soup. It is a limited-time merchandise until July 2, after that, Kimchi taste as the second bullet, and meat bowl of the sauce taste as the third bullet will be released.

In addition, from May 29th, simultaneous release will be made by cooking "coarse ground tuna tatami omelette wrapped fried beak" wrapped in coarse ground tuna in a large leaf, fried tofu with soy sauce · ginger · chopped onion jelly In addition to the original "Tofu scissor fried", Hokuhoku texture "Soybean knife fried", plus shrimp, big squid heaven and the heavenly skies "three fried fried rice bowl". This is 790 yen, it is scheduled until July 9.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

The reality that many people are watching your Facebook posts - GIGAZINE

The presentation of TED is a wonderful persuasive power, but is it really understood? - GIGAZINE

There is also the possibility to replace existing meal to print food with 3D printer - GIGAZINE

Image recorded jumping off the cliff but the whole story until the crash against the ground as it was due to a parachute fault - GIGAZINE

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Current affairs dot com: bringing lions to train = female customers, lies "living cats" - Russia

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Improve cognitive function of the brain even with light exercise NHK News

About this result Professor Seiya said, "We found out that even light exercise like walking has an effect on the cognitive function of the brain, and we would like to investigate the effects of light exercise for a long time in the future and use it for the prevention of dementia I am talking.

STAP Papers: Tampering Images Total 3 Posts Also in Another American Science Journal - Mainichi Shimbun

New doubts on STAP "Survey" NHK News

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August 11 "The day of the mountain" law was established From 16 years to a holiday - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

Grand Prix agreement on penalties for possession of child pornography NHK News

Regarding the handling of animation and CG, it was decided to delete from revision as "Freedom of expression is threatened" and so on.

2 chan deletion fraud suspected former free journalist: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Halal Meat and Exterior Hysteria (Brady Mikako) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Muslim is currently less than 5% of the UK's total population, and 12% to 15% of the meat consumed in the UK is Halal meat.

Nikkan Gendai | Abe Rosary is furious! Fukushima nuclear power plant "Yoshida document" outflow "Search for culprit"

Asahi got the "survey report" (Yoshida document) told by the late Mr. Shoshuro Yoshida who was the director of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant to the accident investigation and verification committee of the government. Immediately after the accident, about 650 people, 90% of the staff reported "ignoring" ignoring Yoshida 's wait order and reporting the secret progress of preparations for the vent to inhabit massive exposure (hiding). It highlighted TEbon's hiding structure again.

The Abe residence office is a cancan in this report.
"At the official residence, now who is the singer of the morning sun?" And "searching for the criminal" started, "Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Tanaka said," I will not disclose (absolutely) "Abe It seems that the nuclear power plants do not like the commentary that even if a severe accident happens, even the electric power company falls in control - - for the Abe government going into nuclear power plants again, it will be unlikely that movement that will lead to an anti-nuclear even a little "(Government official circumstances)

Including cocaine sales in Italian GDP - "Tailwind" to reduce deficit - Bloomberg

Refusal of foreigners: Saitama's vocational school accepted the exam - Mainichi Newspapers

Law to prevent death from overwork, passed by the House of Representatives Health and Welfare Committee to enact - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

"Vicious circle" where the Chinese government's high-pressure attitude arises - The chain of violence shadows the economy - Bloomberg

Crown Prince of Britain "Putin is the same as Hitler" remarks Russian Fight Castle 1 International News: AFPBB News

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VIPPER me: Reason not to read "k" or "gh" of knight

CNN.co.jp: Jeans washing machine washable, Levi CEO Gui Nam

A sense of incompatibility with "Mild Yankee" theory "Discovering" Tokyo's gaze and something after a big story (1/5) - ITmedia News

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On the crisis of extension of copyright protection period by TPP

Aozora Bunko has adopted a caller, Mr. Toshio Tomita as a flagmaker, consistently opposed to the movement of extension of such protection period than before. It is because the extension of the protection period narrows the range of common property that we should obtain from now on, and even the possessions that we currently share may be lost.

Specifically, if 70 years after death, for the next 20 years the Aozora Bunko will not be able to celebrate the New Year's Day Public Domain Day every year and for at least 20 years (or if the extension extends to extension Over the period) new works will not appear as publicly owned. And by any chance, if the extension is applied retroactively to what has been published so far, many works that can now be read in Aozora bunko will be erased from the blue sky shelf after a certain day.

Windows fucking - kurotei datebook

A surprising fact about the "free music application" and "Chinese free music site Xiami" taught by the Japan Record Association

Whether Xiami or other Chinese sites, if Japanese songs are streamed and provided as mp3 downloads, it is all unlicensed illegal delivery

Since a new design came in the Google+ app I tried to play guessing the design guidelines for the new Android version released at Google I / O 2014 - a diary of hdk_embedded

This is comfortable! Skeletal Tracking function improved significantly with Leap Motion V2 (beta version) - Build Insider

Weekend Special - Sharp's 'Tea Presso' is short! I caught senior health consciousness: ITpro

Sharp launched on April 25th, 2014 "Helshio Tea Presso", a special tea ceremony machine, has entered an increase production system as soon as possible. At the time of release, the monthly production was 4000 units, but it was raised to 5000 units, an increase of 25%, to respond to robust demand. However, it is still in shortage.

Even GIGAZINE ""Helshio Tea Presso" for enjoying full-fledged tea of ​​the whole nutritional ingredients of tea leaves ReviewIt is posted as a feeling like "

What is big data? - Privacy protection in the big data era / Hiroki Takagi - YouTube

It was held at the Chisato Public Hall in Toyonaka City Osaka Prefecture sponsored by the Liaison Friends' Association National Association Liaison Meeting on Saturday, May 17, 2014. It is nearly an hour and a half.

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HUNTER × HUNTER GON | Premium Bandai | Bandai Official Website
There is no doubt that only a silhouette is released yet but it is ridiculous.

How to draw Fukushima: The 2nd Manga "Soban" Osamu Yamamoto - Mainichi Newspaper

Extraordinary praise or all denial Fan noises to "idol master one for all" - excite news (1/4)

Although I read climbing manga to know the horror of the mountain but still want to go to the mountain - Hatena at the end of the world

Continue · Rayforce and other personal folktales - Togetter Summary

Illustration of the Burnicure Festival Roughly Midnight Summary - Togetter Summary

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Weekly Friday News »Blog Archive» At the 'Showa Emperor' s Hundred Year Old 'Meeting - Maihai Sei is Outspoken Remarks

Maihama Shuhei went to a memorial lecture entitled "Emperor Showa Empress and Mr. Sumo wrestler" said, "There are a lot of foreign wrestlers becoming too strong and there are many people who do not see sumo wrestling, although it can not be said in NHK commentary, Mengoku attacks. There is a person who says that it would be better to exclude sumo wrestlers. "Participants applauded. A man who caught the "Hinomaru" flag shouted "Go for it," and exclusionist air became noticeable at the venue. In addition, Mr. Maihai wrote, "It is necessary to restart the Tenku sumo wrestling, because the Emperor was in Japan, I can survive the sumo wrestling, I feel it is living in the big emperor 's big bosom. A big applause occurred.

What is actually sayingThe full story has been uploaded to YouTube and is being releasedSo it is easy to understand the difference from cutting out some of the above articles.

Reason why foreigners are increasing for successors of martial arts and sumo - Togetter Summary

Hawks' Big Data Utilization Record: Escaping from a Craftman Group of "Intuition and Experience Request" SOFTBANK HAWKS aims for data utilization (1/2) - ITmedia Enterprise

Ehime FC To dispose of inappropriate banners, NHK News

On the 18th of this month, during Ehime FC vs. Kamataamare Sanuki 's game held in Matsuyama City, supporters of Ehime FC posted a banner with the contents that "supper Sanuki gets in the way" can be accepted.

Necessary review of dismantling of the National Stadium NHK News

Yuya Yanagi starring "Aoi Honoyo" Anno Hideaki serves as Yasuda Ken's news - ORICON STYLE-

The 7th / Tongue-mouth words confrontation movie "MONSTERZ Monsters" Which will you win? Forbidden Battle Forecast - YouTube

movies"MONSTERZ MonstersTatsuya Fujiwara and Takayuki Yamada appearing in "Tiger Tanshi" are fighting a variety of battles this time.

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Crashers New CM ☆ First Time's Chu - YouTube

Behind the crashers new CM - YouTube

The most popular seasonal flavor appeared renewed! A delicious combination of savory, flavorful cookies and rich vanilla ice! "Meiji Essel Super Cup Cookie Vanilla" New Release

【Hokkaido】 "Tsuboya crisp and Maron donut" released | News release | Corporate information | Lawson

Crispy and triangle! Temp horse spicy! "Tyrant Habanero Tortic Spicy Tacos Taste" New Release

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