Birth of a new base of animation and games, 2 minutes on foot from JR Ogura Station, "Aki Asobi Cafe" open report

As a place where information can be sent from animation and games, guests can perform live and talk and get excited together with customers "Machi ★ Assobi cafe"On May 17, a commercial facility in Kitakyushu cityThere is A CityIt opened in. As the opening guest on the opening day openingKalafinaThree people appeared, and after the talk a mini live was also held.

Machi ★ Asobi CAFE

"Machi ★ Asobi" is a big event where various events and exhibitions are held on the stage of Tokushima, which took place on 5th May, 2014Machi ★ Assortment 12There were 70 thousand people visited. About the "Machi ★ Asobi Cafe" that will be the base of that gore ★ Assovice in Kyushu, was held in October 2013Its existence was revealed in Machi ★ Asobi Vol.11Things.

The location of a certain city is here, just north of JR Kokura station.

So I decided to get on Ogura by Shinkansen.

◆ Machi ★ Asobi Cafe arrives
There is a monorail station in Ogura station, but the monorail of the cartoon museum in Kitakyushu City in a certain city is running, which is the same as Machi ★ Asobi Cafe.

When you get off the Shinkansen, go to "Shinkansen mouth (north entrance)" on the right.

Captain Herlock standing in front of the station

And Metter & Tetsuro

The appearance of Ogura station is like this ...

There is a city that is nearby.

Because it is connected by a covered passage, even if it rains it can move from the station without getting wet.

The entrance of the station on the second floor.

Opening event The place for entrance adjustment was separated.

On this day, the opening ceremony will be held twice and then the regular schedule will start from 16:30.

The place just in front of the entrance on the second floor is Machi ★ Asobi Cafe.

The opening is celebrated by Fate / Zero's time & Kenneth.

Incidentally, Mr. Toki stood at the center of the garland that arrived.

Go between the two people who are celebrating, go to the store.

◆ Machi ★ inside the Assobie Cafe
It is Fate / Zero collaborative goods that you can see immediately after entering. There was a Fate / Zero shop in City which was originally, and Machi ★ Asobi Cafe was made in the form of enlarging and developing it.

The front of the store is a sales area.

In-store decoration is Fate center, because this is currently "Fate / Zero ~ stay night Cafe" as a collaboration cafe.

Goods sold ⇒ Asobi Collaboration Suites ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

For example this is official goods of gore ★ Assobi. Chou, guide book, T-shirt, etc.

This is"Orange.Goods

Also T - shirts sold out to say that it is gore ★ Assobi Vol.12.

Items of various works ......

It is lined with slippers.

"Iskandaru attained manju" to "survey troops destroyer bun"

This isCyber ​​Connect toKemono book of entrance "THE KEMONO BOOK"

We also have a back number of animated style. By the way, "UN-GO Shokawa noboru screenplay collection"Was signed by Mr. Shinkawa and Mr. Shimji Mizushima, and after that two books were sold as well.

Anime Bunko3 works BD & DVD

This is not a sale, a note that a visitor can write freely.

Takashi Takeuchi's first solo exhibition "Exhibition sky boundary"It was a space of.

This event was held at pixiv Zingaro from March 20th to April 1st, after that, it is done as an exhibition at the ufotable cafe Nagoya · Tokushima, and Machi ★ Asobi Cafe.

The exhibited prima graphics are sold items so purchase is possible, but some are already sold out. For example, this "Spring Yu (Hisashi)" is framed and signed with a size of 1200 mm × 630 mm, although it is a limited number 5 with 500,000 yen, SOLD OUT.

"Morning light" was added for the encore exhibition. The size is 366 mm × 700 mm, limited number 30. The price is 100,000 yen.

One corner of the back is a strange atmosphere ...

Can Badge Wall

The UFO table from which the company name "UFO table" was derived

Three-dimensional poster of "sky boundary birds-eye view 3D" that can not be conveyed in the picture.

And a set that reproduced "Gion's dune" that comes out during the "sky boundary". When making a movie, I made a set as if they were inside the daughter of the cathedral, but now he seems to have been almost disassembled.

Speaking of "the boundary of the sky", the theater manners movies were made with clay animation that the Youfford table is good at, but the dolls at that time are also decorated.

At the cafe space we were ready for the tape cut of the opening ceremony

A sofa featuring characters of "Fate / stay night" and "Fate / Zero". It looks like an exhibit, but you can sit here normally at the cafe opening.

◆ Opening Ceremony
So the opening ceremony was held twice from 11 o'clock and 13 o'clock. Moderator was Mr. Yuuma Takahashi, Producer of Aniplex, three of Kalafina and Koyo Hikaru of UFO table attended. Tape cutting was done at the ceremony from 11 o'clock.

Three of Kalafina had tape cuts when they served as the station chief day in gore ★ Asobi, so that memories of Asobi and stories of "sky boundary" "Fate / Zero", and even Wakana of Kalafina was from Fukuoka prefecture, so the story of a delicious bakery in Kitakyushu city was unfolded.

In the ceremony from 13 o'clock, there are scenes in which all the guests make a toast.

Talk was also very exciting.

The celebration of the ceremony was the theme song "Allelujah" of "Empty boundary future gospel".

◆ Normal sales structure
After the opening ceremony on the first day of the opening, from 16:30 it shifted to the normal sales system. The table seats are arranged like this ... ....

There is one point of tapestry on the front of the counter seat.

There were also dishes that three of Kalafina who was guest of the ceremony signed. After 18th, it is displayed as an exhibit.

Seats watched by rituals and girugamesh were not for cafes but for the application form filling space for primography.

The menu looks something like this ....

By saying "Fate / Zero ~ stay night Cafe", a collaboration menu with both works has been developed. It is convenient to understand at a glance what you get when ordering each dish / drink.

There is also a "boundary of exhibition sky" menu.

The interior of the shop got soon filled and almost full ... ...

There was a queue outside.

The kitchen equipments are pretty well equipped and Kondo Producer seems to have replaced me softly because I like it very softly so it is not only Ali's going to cook for cookies as well as aiming for goodies.

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