Potential for killing illegal drug ketamine as a remedy to alleviate symptoms of depression and to become a new treatment


KetamineIs a narcotic-designated substance in Japan, it is a breach of drug and cosmetic drug control law when used by a person who did not acquire a drug handling license, in schedule III drug also in the United States, class C drug in the UK It is specified. However, medical services are offered exclusively to patients suffering from mental healthOxford Health NHS Foundation TrustThe research team conducted an experiment to administer ketamine to depressed patients, the results of patients' symptoms are reduced or completely disappeared, and the possibility as a new means of treatment of depression is increasing .

Ketamine infusions for treatment resistant depression: a series of 28 patients treated weekly or twice weekly in an ECT clinic

BBC News - Ketamine 'exciting' depression therapy

Oxford Health The research team of the NHS Foundation Trust conducted six experiments in three weeks to administer a ketamine-containing infusion for 40 minutes to 28 unipolar and bipolar depression patients. As a result, alleviation of depression symptoms was confirmed in 8 people, which is 29% of the total patient, of which 4 symptoms disappeared completely. It has also been confirmed that symptoms of 3 patients were alleviated 6 hours after the first dose.

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Dr. Rupert McShane, who led the study, suggested that the experimental results were satisfactory, "Ketamine administration has had a wonderful effect on some patients." One of the subjects said, "It seems that I remembered how I was thinking of myself in the past," and the family of the subject also said that he was pleased that "he was back in the old days" .

However, some patients disappeared after a few days with the effect of ketamine administration and returned to their original condition, and effects are sustained for only about 3 months at the longest, and problems remain in the sustainability of ketamine efficacy . In addition, some subjects confirmed strong side effects such as temporary blocking of blood supply to the brain. During the experiments, two out of 28 people experienced severe side effects, another five had no effect like what was expected and anxiety was amplified, so there was a case in which interruption of administration was forced .

McShane says, "Although the effect on depression caused by ketamine administration is eye-catching, it is not something that patients can take at home every day like Prozac, but ketamine does not It can be expected as a new treatment method. "

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The British Interior Ministry is currently studying ketamine classification as Class B drugs that are considered to be more dangerous and highly dependent from current class C. However, there are also facts that ketamine is used for the treatment of anesthetics and back pain.

in JapanRIKENTargeted rhesus monkeys,Positron emission tomography(PET) to regulate ketamine administration and emotion and cognitive functionSerotonergic nervous systemFind out the relationship withExperimentWe are doing. According to the experimental results, after administering ketamine to the giant monkey, one of serotonin receptors "Serotonin 1 B receptorIs activated in two brain regions related to "motivation" of human beings.

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Although ketamine is substance-designated substance and has drug dependency, administration to depressed patients in Japan is not authorized, but according to RIKEN, "ketamine is applied for development of a new type of antidepressant There is a possibility that we can do it. "

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