The right to dine with Apple CEO Tim Cook in Apple headquarters is about 31 million yen


At the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, California, the right to eat lunch with Mr. Tim Cook, who is the CEO of the company, is the online charity auction siteCharitybuzzAnd was bidding for 300 thousand dollars (about 31 million yen).

Charitybuzz | Lunch with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino

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On August 24, 2011Steve Jobs resigned from CEO of AppleAfter that, Mr. Tim Cook, who succeeded as CEO, has so far been an American fashion magazineVanity FairTo selectElected The New EstablishmentIt will be selected by the editorial department of American news magazine TIMEElected as Person of the YearSometimes it was done.

An auction with Mr. Tim Cook and the Apple headquarters entitled the right to lunch together was held from 12 o'clock to 13 th April 24, 2014 and eventually cost $ 300,000 (about 31 million yen ) Was awarded. The successful bidder who got the right can participate in the lunch with the successful bidder himself and one guest. It is said that lunch is held for about an hour and all lunch costs are included in the bidding rights, but since travel expenses and accommodation expenses to Apple head office are not included, it is necessary to pay on your own about. The right to bring lunch together is of course banned, the expiration date of the right is only for one year since the auction ended. The date of lunch will be decided taking into consideration each other's schedule, so that people participating in lunch will be subject to baggage inspection, respectively.

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In the past, the right to tea with Mr. Tim Cook in the charity auction has been exhibited, in that caseBid approval at about 62 million yenIt was done. This time it was awarded at about half of the 31 million yen, but the profit after deducting the auction expense is the charity founded by the bereaved family of former Attorney General Robert Kennedy this timeRobert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human RightsIt is planned to be donated to.

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