I went to "Shinfuku Nakamachi main store", one of the oldest ramen shops representative of Kyoto

Speaking of Kyoto's cuisine, you can imagine what Japanese food and Japanese paper are strong, and ramen is also crispy, but you can imagine soupSuperior itemAnd the backflip floatedYet againRamen with unique personality that does not feel the taste of Japanese style soup stock, such as, is grouped. It is near Kyoto stationShinfuku Nakamachi main storeIt is a well-established shop boasting over 70 years history which started with a stall featuring black soup, and we have more than 10 stores mainly in the Kansai area. On May 13 th (Tue)Refrigerated soy sauce ramen and teaspoon will be released at LawsonBecause it was done, I tried going to Shinfuku Nakamachi head office to compare and eat.

Shinfuku Naka-kan main store Kyoto Ekimae Higashishirokoji - Chinese soba specialty store -

Shinfuku Nakamachi main store is in a place where you can walk from Kyoto station. First of all, I left Kyoto station central entrance ......

I will walk to the right (east) with the station behind.

As I walk, I strike Mielparque Kyoto, so I head left (north) along the building.

I will go through between Mielparque Kyoto and Selemaville on the north side.

Go out between the buildings and have a parking lot so cross the road and go straight on the side of the parking lot.

Walk further, there is Shogoin (monkeya) ......

A white building will be visible behind it. This is the Shinfuku Nakamachi main store, about 6 minutes on foot from Kyoto station.

This is the front side of Shinfuku Nakamachi head office.

Because it is open from 7:30 in the morning, people who eat ramen as breakfast and tourists who arrived by a night bus visit early time. It seems to be a regular holiday on Wednesday, but the day we visited was only open during the daytime.

Next to the same ramen shop representative of Kyoto "Daiichi Asahi"Has a store.

Parking lot is complete, too. There is coin parking near, so even if you come by car is safe.

An English menu is also put on the menu. You can check Yakimetsu, but it seems that cold noodles selling for a limited time at Lawson are not put on.

The shop is a little old-fashioned diner-like style floating in the Showa scent. There was a second floor seat, seats from seventy to eighty percent were seated in the first floor at lunchtime.

Kyoto Kujo Negi Ramen BattleI am awarded the Grand Prix.

There was also a Chinese noodle with takeaway.

Sit down at the counter and goChinese noodle (average)WhenYakimeshiI will order. The store clerk who ordered calling Yakimetshi fried rice.

Waiting 5 minutes Slightly black soup with soba (aka) and Yakimi arrived in a little.

Chinese noodle (aka) is a green black soup and a green Kujo no Onion shines.

Kujo onion is undoubtedly on the tapri.

There were plenty of pieces of chashued under the Kujo Onion and so on. To the very end is Chinese noodle (parallel), but if it is an ordinary shop, the amount of meat that can be served as chashued noodles.

Soup is black and oil is floating a little, noodle is slightly thick. First, I will drink it from the soup.

Because the soup is quite dark, I feel that the taste is also strong, so it is not too good, the taste smells good soy sauce. Because the meat is plenty enough, the taste of the meat is blended into the soup. Although feeling of soup stock is weak, people who become habits seems to be addicted. It seems to be said that soy sauce is the main soup rather than soup stock.

Noodles are finished to match well with the fragrance of soup. Good throat is also good.

Chashu is leaning the flavor of pigs, while the taste of soy sauce is stained well, there is a response to eat. It may be good to eat with white rice.

There were a lot of fatty chashued.

Seasonings are prepared on the desk, from the left, one flavor, pepper, pea plate sauce.

Since it is rare, I tried putting soybean sauce.

The fermented umami peculiar to the pea plum sauce and the pungent taste of the chili are well suited to the taste of the soup and can be enjoyed by changing the taste. Since it tastes like getting tired if you do not put anything on it, it may be good to put some seasoning on the desk. Because the meat is on the barbecued noodle soup, the price of 650 yen including tax was felt to be cheap.

Yakimi is as deeply colored as Chinese noodles, so yellow of the egg can not be seen.

I broke down a little, I could also check the fragments of the barbecue.

Including in the mouth, the taste is not as strong as it looks like Chinese noodles, but the smell of baked soy sauce spreads out well with rice which smoked oil. I do not feel the taste of eggs much, and I can hardly feel the taste of spices such as garlic, ginger and pepper. This Yakimesshi is also seasoned with the taste of soy sauce as the axis as well as Chinese noodle.

In the fine chasm, the taste of soy sauce is well impregnated, excellent compatibility with rice. There is not much quantity at 500 yen including tax, but it seems to be said to be a yakimessh with originality.

Because Shinfuku Akan is near from the station, people who like ramen may be able to go sightseeing in Kyoto.

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