Mr. Kim Rong-soo of North Korea will defeat the enemies approaching one after another. Transcendental Musou action game "Glorious Leader!"

It is the first secretary of the Korean Workers' Party to ride the unicorn or shoot machine gunKim Jong IlA game that Mr. defeats the American soldiers is a game "Glorious Leader!"is.

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The game consists of seven stages, and on the stage with the statue of the Korean Workers' Party flag, the brush between the hammer and the sickle is fired as a missile.

Mr. Kim Jong Il who got on the unicorn fights against the American army alone.

The sacred Statue of Liberty.

The scene where the coat of basketball is stage is also why.

You can realize what happens when you actually play the game by seeing the following movie.

Glorious Leader! Video Game - YouTube

The game will start from where Kim Jong-Ie appears before the bronze statue.

An announcer who fights Kim Jong-en.

Observe the enemies for many years ... ...

Mr. Kim Ronen who trained in training.

I waited for the time.

To break the capitalism.


Mr. Kim Jong I got on the unicorn to rush to the American army.

Kill the opponent with a machine gun.

Mr. Kim Jong-soon to jump high.

But sometimes they are shot.

Play against a soldier falling in parachute.

I shoot while striking the rope.

Even if there is no way to go forward, I will continue ... ...

Dong Bon

Mr. Kim Jong-hee who will win even if fighting with the tank VS machine gun.

The Stars and Stripes burns.

Standing on a basketball court, "LET'S GO" andDennis RodmanMr. Kim Ronen who speaks to a person who seems to be a man. What do you mean……? As I thought, the scene shifted to unexpected places.

In addition, the game has been developed for PC and smart phone, the developerMoneyhorse LLC"At the end of this game you guys will know why North Korea is great."

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