EDGEST smartphone "AQUOS ZETA" equipped with a 5.4-inch large screen on a very narrow bezel

"May 14, 2014 held"2014 Summer model New product / new service launch partySharp's new terminal "AQUOS ZETA"Was announced. AQUOS ZETA has a function called grip magic, a function that will assist you in photography, and other features that are likely to be used in various situations.

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I arrived at the booth of AQUOS ZETA.


The color variation of AQUOS ZETA is three kinds of white, black orange.

The OS installed is Android 4.4, the main body size is 140 × 74 × 9.3 mm, the weight is 154 g. The display is a 5.4 inch IGZO panel.

The AQUOS ZETA is equipped with an evolved IGZO display.

The IGZO display installed in AQUOS ZETA displays the red component more clearly than the conventional one.

AQUOS ZETA on the left side and AQUOS ZETA on the right side as the front model. On the screen you can see the red paprika being cut and the AQUOS ZETA on the left shows more natural color with red color.

The bezel between the display and the terminal is quite narrow, and about 81% of the screen is EDGEST style called screen.

When you look side by side, you can see how beautiful the bezel is.

The front camera was at the bottom of the display.

On the back is equipped with a camera with 13.1 million pixels.

Antenna · earphone jack · UIM card / SIM card slot on the top.

There is nothing on the bottom.

On the left side of the main unit is the MicroUSB port.

Strap holder and volume control button on the right side of the main body.

One function of AQUOS ZETA grip sensor mode. In this mode, when you turn on "incoming calls simple secret" ... ...

Names and pictures will not be displayed even if they come in from people registered in the phone book.

However, when lifting the terminal by hand, the sensor recognizes and displays the name and image of the called party. Even if this is done, even if the smartphone is left on the table etc, the names and images of the called party will not be known to the surrounding people.

In addition, the grip mode has the function of "volume up during media viewing".

Set "volume up while listening to media" and if you release your hand from the smartphone while listening to music ... ....

The volume changed automatically. Grip mode utilizes the relationship between smartphone and hand, it is a function that can be effective in various situations.

The camera has an assistant function called framing advisor. The framing advisor assists the composition when shooting in various situations such as people, Fibonacci, cooking.

When choosing Fibonacci, a spiral line is displayed on the display, assisting the arrangement of a beautiful and well-balanced subject incorporating the golden ratio. In this case, even a beginner can be taking a picture with a good composition.

The planned release date of AQUOS ZETA is May 23, 2014.

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