It turns out that the basis of the theory of reduction risk of cancer caused by specific food ingredients is weakened

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Over the last 30 years1st place of death of Japanese (adult)I have kept the seat ofgunIn order to reduce the risk of occurrence, it has been considered effective to take specific foods and to avoid high-fat foods. However, in the interpretation of the academic society as of 2014, it is clear that no clear basis can be found for reducing the risk of cancer caused by a specific diet, except for fat suppression and alcohol consumption management.

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In order to lower the risk of developing cancer, it attacks normal cells in the bodyFree radicalTo suppress the occurrence ofAntioxidantYaPhytochemicalThere were moves such as foods containing a lot of foods are effective, and there were moves such as old-fashioned rural areas and recommendations to return to the meals eaten by ancient people, but in April 2014 more than 18,000 studies Person participated and was heldNational Cancer Research CongressAccording to the research content revealed at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), there was little relevance between the risk of these foods and cancer development.

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Likewise, he has been involved in research on epidemiology at Harvard and has studied the relationship between meals and cancer for many yearsWalter WilletteThe professor reports on the fact that there is no evidence to prove the reduction risk of cancer caused by specific fruits and vegetables at the regular reporting meeting of the same meeting in 2014.

This situation, in 1997World Cancer Research FundAnd could lose the basis of the vast amount of reports jointly created by AACR. In the study at the time, it was told that green yellow-and-green vegetables reduce the risk of lung cancer and stomach cancer, intake of broccoli, cabbage, and sprouts cabbage is effective for rectal cancer and thyroid cancer, but after that in 2007 As a result, it is reported that the effect of reducing the risk of cancer development by taking specific foods is almost not recognized.

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It is believed that the reason why the research results have turned around in about 15 years since 1997 is that the method used in research has become more precise. In the previous study, objective inquiries became more objective, as compared with the fact that listening to the subjects relied heavily on the individual's memory, now more scientific verification method was adopted.

In addition, it is also true that some of the relationship between foods with high fat content and cancer development is raising questions that raise doubts on the grounds. Until now it has been thought that ingesting beef and lamb will lead to the development of rectal cancer, but in the 2011 research announcement the pros and cons of it is divided into two. When men in their 50s continue to eat about 150 grams of red meat every day, the research results that the risk of developing rectal cancer rises from 1.28% to 1.71% in 10 years has been published, but the influence It is a level that can be said to be very limited.

Interest in academic societies has already shifted to immunotherapy against chronic inflammation of cancer cells and so on, and suppression of cancer by traditional diet is now considered to be out of mainstream. In the reception party where attendees of the conference attended, luxurious roast beef, wine to cheese, and a luxurious fruit buffet were performed, and researchers participating in coffee hands appeared at the meeting place which started the following morning That's right.

Nonetheless, it is believed that management of the degree of obesity has an effect on the suppression of cancer, as is traditionally the usual point of view, from an overall perspective, which is believed to be reliable for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, It is also common to the risk of diseases such as stroke. It is also known that avoiding excessive intake of alcohol causes a definite effect. After all, it is best to "try a healthy life" in order not to get sick as much as possible.

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