Disney's animation movement seems to be alive Let's see the secret I feel "Law of 12 breathing life into character"

Walt Disney CompanyBut nine animators said to be legendary "Nine Old MenTwo of themFrank ThomasWhenOlie Johnston. "The 12 laws that breathe life into characters" created by two people who are supposed to make extreme feelings of the character's character up to the apex has been released with movies and GIF animations using cubes and the like.


The movement of the character appearing in Disney animation can be confirmed also from the following movie 12 principle.

The illusion of life on Vimeo

◆ 01: SQUASH & STRETCH (to stretch to Petchanko)
This is an effect that makes the character feel weight and mass when the character is moving.

◆ 02: ANTICIPATION (preliminary act)
Before the character performs the main action, let the person seeing by preliminary action cause you to expect "what is going on".

◆ 03: STAGING (Directed)
Even if a light bulb is depicted near the head of the character when it is inspired, this is a directive and clearly shows one idea on the screen.

◆ 04: STRAIGHT AHEAD & POSE TO POSE (sequential drawing and design by original drawing)
Sequential drawing is a method in which animators draw pictures in order from the cutting head, designing with original drawings The way animators plan their actions and connect actions. The former can make use of the imagination of the maker, the latter is said to be well organized, easy to understand cut easily.

◆ 05: FOLLOW THROUGH & OVERLAPPING (main movement and follow-up movement)
For example, in the one scene that the character "runs and stops suddenly", the effect that the parts of the body are still moving, not by suddenly stopping the movement of the whole body suddenly because the character stops. Eliminating the unnaturalness of motion with the way of drawing that "a part of the body stops first and then the other parts stop following that".

◆ 06: SLOW IN & SLOW OUT (slowly entering and finishing slowly)
This slows down slowly towards the picture you want to show, and when you move on to the next picture, the effect is to gradually accelerate. Increase (decelerate) the number of frames closer to the picture you want to show, impress a particular image and give momentum to the movement of the character.

◆ 07: ARCS (curve movement)
There are few creatures that move straight like a machine, many draw a faint curve. When designing a cut with Disney, a simple curve was drawn with a pose as a guideline. This will cause the character's geeky movement to disappear.

◆ 08: SECONDARY ACTION (Secondary Action)
To add another movement to the main movement appearing in the scene. You can emphasize the main movement by "moving sweat" motion of "move with sweat by running at full power".

◆ 09: TIMING (timing)
The movement of animation is determined by the number of illustrations,ModerateBy changing the number of illustrations in the same movement can make a completely different impression.

◆ 10: EXAGERATION (exaggeration)
As you can say, it is strongly appealing to the hearts of people by overcoming character movement.

◆ 11: SOLID DRAWINGS (picture with three-dimensional feeling)
The balance of weight and depth is the basis for drawing a picture with a three-dimensional feeling. Before being an animation it is also necessary to draw illustrations well.

◆ 12: APPEAL (appealing power)
It is important to give the character suction power, such as what people want to see, nature to attract, fun designs. Even the villain such as a witch needs "appeal", not just "cute" even if it is said to be an appeal.

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