Development of "palm-mounted input device" for new mobile wearable beyond keyboard and mouse

Information devices, such as smartphones and tablet devices and wearable devices like Google Glass, are portable in size and their evolution remains to be seen. However, from desktop PC era to mobile terminal, the most reliable character input device is still the keyboard. Swedish computer scientists have proposed one possible solution to what kind of "virtual keyboard" is strongly demanded to make such a keyboard mobile.

The virtual keyboard may soon be a reality (w / Video)

Computer scientist Dr. Lars Asprado's wearable 'future input device' can be confirmed in the following movie.

Promotion video for the Virtual Keyboard - YouTube

Mobile computers have evolved rapidly. Tablet terminal or ....

Smartphones are becoming mainstream in current computers.

However, the character input device has not evolved from the "keyboard" style handed over from typewriters more than 200 years ago.

If we compare what is the form of the input device that can be used for mobile computers ......

I arrived at this shape.

It is the developer who wears this new input device Dr. Asprad. It seems to be used in the palm of your hand.

This input device has a built-in sensor ... ...

When typing on a desk or the like, you can use it as a virtual keyboard to enter as you like.

Furthermore, by moving in the air, it corresponds also to swipe etc. used for the mobile terminal, and it can operate not only the keyboard but also mouse like.

In the future mobile computer terminals,Goole GlassYa

Oculus RiftIt is expected to evolve to those equipped with virtual displays such as the display.

In anticipation of this, Dr. Asprad not only inputs letters ......

It seems that things that can perform gesture operations such as swipe are important as next generation input devices.

Using "palm-mounted input device" developed by Dr. Asprad will change daily life to such a feeling. A woman waiting for a bus.

Typing on the knee.

Before she looks at ... ...

Virtual keyboard.

Her eyeglasses are wearable devices, and virtual screens are displayed at the end of the line of sight.

Both eyeglasses and input devices can be worn, which does not interfere with everyday life. Just wearable deviceUbiquitous ComputingIs realized.

This is how Dr. Asplad makes his own initial model of "palm-mounted input device".

Dr. Asprad, along with young researchers at Mälardalen University, is developing this palm-mounted input device that can be used for any computer.

Improvement is being promoted by adopting the opinion of developers of application software.

In addition, games are included in the definitions of computers.

The palm-type input device will be compatible with all kinds of computer hardware such as desktop computer, mobile terminal, game machine, etc.

Dr. Asprad said he is recruiting ideas from all over the world.

As the project goes forward,APIAlso released ......

An open source development environment is in place.

Wear it in the palm ... ...

Toward the realization of an input device that can operate a computer anywhere ... ...

Dr. Asprad wants a donation of 15 million kronor (about 230 million yen) necessary for commercialization.

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