Watch "Carbon" which generates electricity with sunlight and can also charge smartphones when it becomes an Isa

A solar power generation panel mounted on the main body panel enables self power generation, and a wrist watch capable of charging external equipment from a lithium ion battery installed inside "Carbon"Is looking for investment at Kickstarter on the cloud funding site.

EnergyBionics - Wearable power for mobile devices.

Carbon - The only watch that can charge your smartphone! By EnergyBionics - Kickstarter

You can see what kind of wrist watch Carbon watches when you watch the movie below.

When casually driving a car ... ...

When walking on the beach

And even while you are in the city, "Carbon" is a wrist watch that can receive light and generate power yourself, and can charge the built-in lithium ion battery.

Watches that look very ordinary

However, when you open the knob next to the body, there is a terminal that can insert a charging cable such as a smartphone.

To insert the cable, first turn the knob screw and open.

Then, the terminal for cable connection turned out his face.

Insert the charging cable in the smartphone ......

If you insert the other terminal into the terminal next to the body, you can charge it.

Since you do not need an external battery pack, you can continue to use your smartphone while charging with just one hand.

The knob is screw-in type, and it also has waterproof performance.

The body size is 40 x 58 mm at the maximum.

The thickness is 14 mm.

The dial part can be equipped with solar panels to generate electricity, and the content uses Japanese made movement. Both the right and left knobs of the body are equipped with buttons and LED lamps on the left and right, making it possible to use them instead of the battery level or flash.

The main body color can be chosen from two colors "Coal" and "Slate".

The dial color is white, blue / white, orange / white are available in three colors.

Two kinds of belts are prepared, made of leather and silicone. Since the belt has a width of 24 mm type, it can also be exchanged for a commercially available product of the same size.

The installed solar panel is a single crystal silicon type, and according to the manufacturer's description the conversion efficiency is 24% high efficiency type. It corresponds to light rays with wavelengths from 300 nm to 1100 nm covering almost all visible light, and it is also possible to generate electricity with indoor light. The full charge time when charging with sunlight is 8 hours, when charging from the AC power supply it reaches full charge in 30 minutes.

The built-in lithium-ion battery is expected to use a capacity of 650 mAh to 800 mAh, and it has capacity equivalent to 3 hours of calling / browsing with a smartphone such as iPhone 4s. Besides charging with photovoltaic generation, the battery can also be charged with a USB cable.

Since the output for charging is 1 A · 5 V at the maximum, there is no problem even if it is used as an auxiliary battery of many equipments, except for some smart phones and tablet terminals.

This "Carbon" is looking for investment by Kickstarter of the cloud funding site and is about 36,000 dollars (about 3.7 million yen) at the time of article creation against the target amount of $ 15,000 (about 1.53 million yen) The target capital necessary for the start of manufacturing has been achieved.

$ 95(About 9700 yen), you can get a set of Carbon and Silicon Belt. The body and dial color are freely selectable, and the body charger and various connectors are set in the battery.

$ 115(About 12,000 yen), a leather belt will be added to the set of 95 dollars.

Then,$ 125(About 13,000 yen) plan, you can get it by further plus a protective case dedicated to the above set.

For each plan, a shipping fee of 15 dollars (about 1600 yen) is required separately for sending outside the United States. The deadline of investment is Japan time on May 30 (Fri) at 19:23.

Carbon - The only watch that can charge your smartphone! By EnergyBionics - Kickstarter

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