Smartphone "AQUOS SERIE SHL 25" that will enable you to take pictures well Haste photo review

Au presentation 2014 SummerOkay.World's thinnest and lightest tabletYaUltrahigh durability smartphone conforming to US Department of Defense's MIL standardTerminals full of personality, etc. were announced. In such circumstances it was "fun to have fun features"AQUOS SERIE SHL 25So, when you take pictures with the camera you give me advice on the composition, because it means that you can take pictures beautifully even in backlight, so I actually touched it.

Au 2014 Summer Next generation smartphones and tablets with double installation of the latest technology "LTE-Advanced (CA)" and "WiMAX 2+" appeared all eight models | 2014 | KDDI CORPORATION

The touch & try corner of "AQUOS SERIE SHL 25" looks like this.

I found the AQUOS SERIE SHL25 being exhibited, and the bezel is narrow enough to see it even with a distant view.

AQUOS SERIE SHL25 is equipped with a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor and approximately 2 GB of memory, the main unit capacity is about 32 GB, and the battery capacity is 3150 mAh. Full-seg viewing / recording is also supported, and the display resolution is full HD (1920 × 1080), OS is equipped with Android 4.4. of course4 G LTE carrier aggregationWhenWiMAX 2+It also supports super high speed communication anytime anywhere.

From the left color is three colors of pink, blue, and white.

Taking this in hand, this size feel easy to hold even with one hand despite the large screen of about 5.2 inches. Actual size is 134 mm long × 71 mm wide × 9.9 mm thin, weighs about 141 g. In addition, sensors are attached to the left and right sides of the bottom of the AQUOS SERIE SHL 25, and the screen display will be turned on just by gripping.

An in camera (about 2.1 million pixels) and an "+" and "-" buttons for adjusting the volume are also ants at the bottom of the screen.

Antenna · earphone jack · microSD card slot · microSD card slot from the left on the top.

The microSD card slot and microSD card slot are located here.


Power button on the left side of the main unit.

MicroUSB port for charging on the right side.

And the back is like this.

There is a speaker at the bottom of the back ... ...

There is also an infrared sensor at the top and a main camera of about 13.1 million pixels.

In AQUOS SERIE SHL 25, it is also possible to display appropriate advice when photographing.

As for what kind of advice actually gives advice, when giving advice according to circumstances such as "When you set auto focus, you can shoot a white frame with the green frame with the composition of" Cross division " To do.

Since various other compositions are prepared, it seems to be able to take pictures that have never been taken before.

Also, if you turn on the camera's real-time HDR function ......

You can take pictures beautifully even with backlit. The picture of the red frame part was taken with the real time HDR function turned on, and the picture of the blue frame part was taken when the real time HDR function was turned off. Even if you shoot the same thing at the same place, if the real time HDR function is on, the white toddlers and blackouts are reduced and it becomes a bright and beautiful picture.

AQUOS SERIE SHL 25 will be released late June 2014.

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