Apple ranked second in the online store next to Amazon

Speaking of online stores, there are abundant assortments and orders arrive quickly Amazon is a handy presence that can hardly be removed. Even from a worldwide point of view it does not allow other companies to follow, and the online store war has become a dominant Amazon Amazon. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has grown rapidly with on-line sales and ranks second in the world.

Apple Jumps to Second Place in Online Retail - Corporate Intelligence - WSJ

Internet RetailerFrom the data of the Internet graphed around the world graphed, the world's largest supermarket "Walmart'S sales will be $ 10 billion (about 1.17 trillion yen) in 2013, an increase of 30%, ranking fourth in the world. Stationery Store 'Staples"In 2013, we have sold $ 10.4 billion (about 1.8 trillion yen), which is 45% of total revenue of $ 23.1 billion (about 2.351 trillion yen), but only by 1% on the growth rate, Apple dropped to third place with rapid growth.

Apple kept Staple who kept second place for many years and ranked second. In 2013 alone online sales reached 18.3 billion dollars (about 1.86 trillion yen), showing an increase of 24%. This is one of the reasons why Internet Retailer included online sales of Apple devices such as iPhone for the first time, in addition to sales of the conventional App Store and iTunes Store. However, beyond the group, Amazon's top Amazon has sold $ 67.8 billion (about 6.9 trillion yen) in electronic equipment, media, and other products, even if 10 competing companies are sold together. It seems that it is still a long way to break Amazon's strong status.

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