A voice actor · Tokui Aozora becomes the station manager at the event where the station manager watches the express for one day

Subcar Event held in the city of Tokushima "Gusset ★ Asobi"Has been held twice a year, of which the artists and voice actors will be working as one station staff at JR Tokushima Station for the first time in May. This time"Future Card Buddy FightMr. Aki Tokui, who is acting as a child actor of Nana Nana's Pals, took office as the station manager.

Tokushima Station 1 day station manager - Machi ★ Asobi vol.12 2014.05.03 ~ 05.05 held

Tokushima city on May 3rd is a sunny day, or something like hot weather.

One day the station manager event will be held at JR Tokushima Station's No. 2 home. This is especially where irrespective of the event, the limited express Mizuzo and the limited express stopped in a face to face relationship.

A red carpet will be installed at the station's home.

It is not related to gore ★ Assovi, but until May 4"Uta no Prince sama ♪" station advertisement is posted in 47 prefectures nationwideSo I also found a poster at Tokushima Station.

One day the main task of the station manager is to send a sign of departure to the limited express, but the premises broadcast was done before that. Those who got the tickets in advance had waited for the station manager to come out now, but since I was broadcasting from the office of the station behind them, I looked back on my mind.

Upon the end of the broadcast, the express train Mess-20 that the station manager watches for a day arrives ... ...

Finally Aoki Tokui appeared

From customers, all kinds of terminals capable of shooting such as digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, etc. were aimed at.

A day at the station manager's greeting

The voice "cute" was leaking from here and there.

Furthermore, posing in front of the express.

This seems to be a day's work as the station chief. It is serious.

And at the end I am sending a sign of departure to the express urgent ......

I will keep track of whether a group of cameras miss Tokui 's all - in - one action.

Tokui sent a sign of departure to an express, and waving his hand to the running vehicle.

After this, the opening ceremony took place at the Tokushima station premises.

Kofuaki Producer and Tokui who appeared on the UFO table appeared.

It was announced that Mr. Kalafina will come to the opening that the open date of "Machi ★ Asobi Cafe" previously announced as the opening ceremony of gore ★ Assovi is May 17th.

Tanaka Bunkei of Bushirod who participated in tape cutting is uploading photos from nearest.

Mr. Tokuke was full of service spirit and was sharing a lot of eyes from here and there.

There are two kinds of "Machi ★ Assobi Vol.12 Memorial Admission Ticket" whose sale began after the opening ceremony was over.

Outside of the station there was a long line of strings as soon as possible.

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