I tried to become a voice actor producer in the cardboard soundproof room 'Danbocchi' for individuals

At '

Machi Asobi Vol.12 ', which has been held since May 3, the town is dyed with anime and game colors, but there are some unusual exhibits in the town, and Higashishinmachi. At the Bandai Namco Games booth in the arcade, there is a personal cardboard soundproof room ' Danbocchi ' so that customers who stop by can enjoy the game . You can play.

CV ~ Casting Voice ~ | BANDAI NAMCO Games Official Website

The Bandai Namco Games booth looks like this, and there is also a CyberConnect2 booth.

Here, you can play a game called 'CV ~ Casting Voice ~' where you can freely produce more than 40 voice actors and record your own voice.

It also has a dubbing mode, a mode in which you can co-star with a voice actor, and it seems that you can play the game as if you were a voice actor.

That's why I found two danbocchi when I went inside to play the game.

The normal size 'Danbocchi' is about this size, and the height inside is 164 cm.

This is 'Danbocchi Tall', and the height inside is 192 cm, so it is a size that you can stand and sing.


Since the game is placed inside, it is possible to actually go inside and play.

In addition, sponge material is pasted on the inner wall surface of Danbocchi ...

There was a fan for ventilation under my feet.

When a person enters, it looks like this. It's made so spacious that even an adult man can spend time inside without feeling cramped.

From the door part, you can see the cut surface of the cardboard, and you can see that the paper honeycomb cardboard is used on the entire surface.

When actually playing, I will dubbing into the microphone like this. In addition, the soundproofing function of Danbocchi is high, and according to the official page, even if 90db (noise similar to that inside a pachinko shop) is generated inside Danbocchi, about 60db (normal conversation level noise) is generated outside. Even if you actually go inside and experience dubbing, you can hardly hear the voice outside, and even if you yell inside, you can understand that 'I'm saying something inside' The sound leaks only to me.

In such a short time, 10 minutes of trial time has passed. There are two trial spaces other than inside the Danbocchi, but if you want to challenge the dubbing with all your emotions, it may be better to do it quietly inside the Danbocchi.

'CV ~ Casting Voice ~' is scheduled to be released on June 19, 2014, and the cardboard soundproof room Danbocchi for individuals is on sale for 59,800 yen including tax.

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