Suffering of game creators who earned a lot of money overnight

ByDave Allen

Distribute App Store, Google Play, and PC games, which are app stores for smartphonesSteamWith the development of the Internet, the game became very easy to install and play. Thousands of new games are released monthly in the online store, and in the App StoreAchieve over 1 trillion yen sales in 2013That's it. A young game creator who has released a huge hit work in such a remarkable game industry and has earned a lot of money in a blink of an eye "distressToThe New YorkerIt is focusing.

The Guilt of the Video - Game Millionaires: The New Yorker

One night in March 2013, Rami Ismail and his business partner Jan Willem got the game "Ridiculous Fishing"Has been released. After the release overnight, tens of thousands of downloads of Ridiculous Fishing have been done on the App Store and Ismail gets tens of thousands of dollars in one night. Ismail, 24 years old at the time got a lot of money overnight, first felt was not "joy" but "Too lateIt was said that it was.

Ismail says, "When my mother got up at 6 o'clock in the morning and worked all day, she made dinner for us our brother's sister after coming home, and when I was on the computer all the time, However, in spite of the simple content of saying "I will beat a fish with a machine gun", the game I made is more than the money my mother earned working hard so far I earned money in a moment while sleeping. Somewhere in my head I thought that "I worked a lot, I sacrificed my stability and worked for a long time without looking for economic risks", but I still feel terrified of my success. I still can not get rid of the image going out with my mother going to work and going out of the car, "he talks about the reasons behind his feeling" backwards ".

ByDave Allen

Such Ridiculous Fishing was created by Ismail and Willem at the university. Initially we started game development, they said that they were living without eating instant noodles, but in the first month of the game release, it was 100 thousand dollars (about 10 million yen) in the App Store, Apple'sWorldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) and received sales of more than 1 million dollars (about 100 million yen) in half a year from the release.

Ismail are game creators of indies, not game makers. Today, independent game makers and indie 's game creators can earn more money in less time than Ismail' s. Ismail says that the only thing required for a game creator is a PC, even working alone in a library or a bathroom.

ByTeemu Haila

After the game is completed, you can sell it to users all over the world by distributing it via online store store such as App Store or Steam. And 70% of the sales of the App Store and Steam are directly in the hands of developers, the interest rate is also very good. However, most games seem to be unable to produce many benefits,ForbesAccording to the study, the profit per game delivered on the App Store is about 4000 dollars (about 410,000 yen).

Still, if the game is hit, developers will turn into millionaires quickly. So, The New Yorker points out that the chance of getting rich like this fairy tale leads to misleading the moral of "working hard".

However, many people tend to embrace the idea of ​​"childish" or "meaningless" to games, but humans measure the value of uncertain things such as "artistic" or "moral" by money It also tells us that chances of getting rich in game development have the effect of letting ordinary people recognize games.

ByTracy O

But for young game creators 'wealth' or 'expectation from the surroundings' can sometimes be annoying. In February 2014, in the App StoreFlappy Bird suddenly gained popularityDong Nguyen, who is the creator of the game, has deleted this game from the store, which had estimated income of $ 50,000 a day (about 5.1 million yen). In that case "I can not hold this application any longer", tweeted, the game lives his simple lifeDestroyedIt is revealed that,Rolling StoneAmong the interviews, it is said that a major infringement of the game delivery was that the press and paparazzi camped in front of the house and waited for their own privacy was infringed seriously.

In October 2013, Ismail headed for Austin in the state of Texas in the United States, "The Stanley Parable"I met a 24-year-old Davey Wreden who is a developer of the game. Ismail advises Mr. Wreden "When selling a lot of games, you should buy something with that money." Why did you recommend such a thing, because you can experience the fact that you earned money more realistically by buying something. After that, The Stanley Parable sold more than 600,000 books and got income of more than 6.3 million dollars (about 640 million yen), so Mr. Wreden says he purchased what he thought he wanted.

However, despite listening to Ismail's advice, Wreden seems to have been hit by loneliness and confusion after getting a lot of money, he said that he was "depressed"blogI am posting it, and I am writing that "I feel that someone is accusing himself" in that.


MinecraftMarkus Persson, who is the developer of the book, said he earned over $ 100 million (10 billion yen) in 2012. The New Yorker to Persson in 2013interviewWhen he did, he also told the big bucks he suddenly felt "backwards". However, now it gets accustomed to a lot of money, goes on a journey with a private jet and has a big party at home.

For game creators, the pressure on repeating success seems to confuse the head rather than worrying about how to spend money, and among developers, most of the sales of games sold for the first time in the next game It seems that some people keep it for development time.

Released in 2008 by MicrosoftBraidJonathan Blow, the creator of the game, is an indie game creator who became a billionaire with this game hit. Blow is bright red after he gets a lot of moneyTesla RoadsterAlthough he seems to have bought, nearly 4 million dollars (about 410 million yen) of the remaining money seems to have poured into the next game development. However, if you take such a method, you will have to invest heavily in game development, you will have to make the next piece a big hit, which will put a lot of pressure on yourself .

ByCasey Konstantín

As the internet and media develops, more and more developers have gained the opportunity to see the sun, but at the same time various problems are appearing at the same time, so the developers themselves are in the changing surrounding environment Successful adaptation seems to be one of the elements necessary for success.

BySean dreilinger

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