Obviously the result that human beings live in the unconscious level to see the lie

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While we are trying to figure out whether our opponent is lying or not, we are looking through attention to the other's gaze, tone of voice, gesture of body etc. In reality, we are trying to lose opponent's lie at a deeper unconscious level A research result indicating that it is seeing was announced.

Some Evidence for Unconscious Lie Detection

The Search for Our Inner Lie Detectors - NYTimes.com

◆ Experiment of ability to see lies
This study was conducted at the University of California, BerkeleyHaas Business SchoolHe is a judicial psychiatristDr. Lian Ten-Brinkis. First of all, Dr. conducted an experiment using a previous method.

· Experiment 1
72 men and women participate in the experiment as subjects, and you can show the movie for the first 90 seconds. The content of the movie is "12 suspects are appealing for innocence about the case that someone stole the 100 dollar bill from the envelope and stole it," and six of them actually lost those who took out the money And the remaining six are really innocent contents.

After seeing this movie, the subject answers who is lying or is telling the truth. Then, the probability of seeing that he is lying isAbout 43%, And the probability that it was found to be really innocentAbout 48%It is a theoretical establishmentBelow 50%I understood that it became things.

· Experiment 2
The second experiment is to verify whether unconscious power affects judgment. To verifyLatiga Association Test(IAT test) method was used, and an experiment aimed at clarifying that subjects felt at the unconscious level was done.

In this experiment, subjects showed suspects' photos one by one, which is displayed for only a very short time of 17 milliseconds on the screen, and select words that are intuitive to each suspect. The word to choose is "deception-related (including dishonest)", "dishonest (dishonest)", "deceitful"Relating to Dodge) 'Group of words and' truth-related (including honest 'or' valid 'Related to the truth) "Word group, which makes the impression which the subject feels potentially visible.

A face picture displayed for only 17 milliseconds is an invisible image of the eyes, so it works on so-called deep consciousness of the subjectSubliminal effectIt is a test to verify the effect of. In the results of this test, the probability of finding a lie more than Experiment 1, inferring that it is innocentClearly improvedIt became clear that it became a case showing that human beings have the ability to sense the person who is lying even at the unconscious level other than cognition by consciousness.

However, although it can be seen from this experimental result clearly important trends scientifically, it is not yet the stage of presenting clear conclusions. Although the result showing that the power of unconsciousness is also equipped with the ability to see a lie is shown, why was this unconscious power buried under the level of consciousness? Dr. Ten-Brink explains why "to live with each other to live, to live in society, to learn to live a trivial lie I guess it is.

◆ Application to "lie detector"
If so, is it possible to develop this unconscious power and use it to raise the accuracy of lie detection? This is closely related to the long history of research and development of the "lie detector" so far, and it is still a field where many controversies remain.

He is a visiting professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara and is an expert in false detection scienceBella De PauloAccording to Dr., "The clues that the lying people show are very obscurate," he tells the difficulty. Although there are indications that it can utilize unconscious power, including his own research results, on the other hand, I am skeptical about the fact that this system becomes a really effective system.

ByJames Carroll

Dr. Ten-Brink is advancing research to increase the accuracy of lie detection, but it is interesting to note that the change seen on the side of seeing the lie is not the side that the doctor is focusing on but the lie is on point. Sensors that measure changes in blood flow and perspiration amount are attached to subjects who are lying to the lie, and researches are being conducted on reactions that the body instinctively see lies.

The future "lie detector" may not be attached to the lying side, but may be attached to the person who sees it.

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