Love to 151 first Pokemon is tried "Can you say 151 first Pokemon?"

It has already been 18 years since "Pokemon Red / Green" was released in 1996, but in 2013, the latest series "Pocket monster X · Y"Was released,Over 12 million sales worldwideAs you have achieved, Pokemon is still a tremendous popularity all over the world today. Such a Pokemon The site which can be tested whether exactly remembered the first 151 animals is "Can you say 151 first Pokemon?So, if you like Pokemon and love it, people who are currently playing Pokemon, those who aimed for Pokemon Masters in the past, you can see how much you like Pokemon if you test it.

Can you say 151 first Pokemon?

The test is very easy, click "Start Game" on the top page ... ...

Just enter the name of Pokemon with full-width katakana or hiragana in this text box OK.

By entering the name of Pokemon like this and clicking the "Enter" key or the "answer" icon ......

If the name is entered correctly, Pokemon with the name entered in the table at the bottom of the screen will be displayed.

First of all Pikachu, get it with chew!

Entering several Pokemon names will look something like this. Looking at the red frame partPokemon picture bookIt seems that it is displayed in the order of the numbers of.

Because it is displayed in order of numbers, if you recall even one evolutionary Pokemon, it makes it easy to remember the name of Pokemon before its evolution or evolution.

When you enter the name of Pokemon that is in your memory, there are times when Pokemon is not displayed in the table even though the name is supposed to match.

In this case, it seems that "Kaiira" was the correct answer rather than "Karyuru".

"Hakuyuu and Kaiaryu which are the evolution forms of minilys do not extend the end of the story ...", and scenes that make new discoveries about the first Pokemon over 18 years.

It is hard work to remember all 151 first Pokemon without omission, pace down at a stretch as soon as I recall about 120 people. From here it is going to be a real game.

Pokemon that does not evolve is hard to remember ... ...

Anyone who has played Pokemon to catch itStruggleWell, the name of that legendary Pokemon will not come ... ...

Even if I understand the name of Pokemon after evolution, I can not remember my name. However, here we managed to fully investigate the memory of the past,Pokemon AnimationSuccessful to remember the name from the memory of.

If you can not remember the name of Pokemon quite easily, you can remember the name of a nostalgic Pokemon from the bottom of the brain if you sing this song.

Can you say Pokemon? The first generation - YouTube

With such a thing like this, I finally succeeded in recalling 150 Pokemon at last by overcoming various difficulties. It was pretty hard to remember the last Pokemon, Imakuni? "Can you say Pokemon?" Helped. Sukarashii.

When 151 Pokemon names are entered, such a screen pops up ......

You will be able to tweet the results of the test. Of course, if you can not remember the names of all Pokemon, even if you push "Raise" button is OK.

At the top of the site is Can Tho · Jout · Hohen · Sinou · Ish · Karos, the name of Pokemon which first appeared in the first generation, gold · silver, ruby ​​· sapphire, diamond · pearl, black · white · X · Y It is supposed to be able to do a test.

Including the latest series of Pocket Monsters X · Y, there are 719 Pokemon in all, but is there a true Pokemon Master that can say these all their names ...?

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