Magical team's pattern which can also be used for commercial purposes Free design of wind design "MagicRing"

Comical Japanese logotype font "Harada Nyanko"Was producedInazuka Spring, This timeStyle to treat as a pattern to avoid reading dareReleased the free font "MagicRing". It is free to use it for commercial / non-commercial use regardless of books, games, illustrations, images, etc. It is OK to make modified fonts, but when renaming the modified fonts it is essential to change the name.

Free font "MagicRing"

When using, click "Download" at the bottom of the page.

downloadedMagicring.zipToExplzhUnzip it with.

The contents are two text files of manual and font file (MagicRing.ttf). When I open the font file ......

The preview is displayed like this. You can use fonts by clicking "Install" at the top.

The recorded characters are

! "'(), -. / 0123456789:;?
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ (lowercase letters are the same glyph)
[\] _ ¨ † ‡ "" "

Actually typing the numbers from "1" to "10" looks something like this

I tried putting "GIGAZINE". It seems to be difficult to read as a person who does not know what is written.

Likewise like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic. Yahoo seems to be deciphered by the straw and easy.

It seems to be useful for giving an atmosphere in games etc.

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