Headline news on April 15, 2014

Sony8 K model 3 series of 8 LCD TV "BRAVIA"Announced. The screen size is from 49 V type to 85 V type, and the estimated price is estimated to be about 2 million yen if the 49 V type is about 320,000 yen, and when it is the largest 85 V type it is about 2 million yen.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

I chewed Mexican cheese that 'sake cheese' referred to in the field - GIGAZINE

I tried staying at the capsule hotel "Yotel" at London Heathrow Airport that imaged contemporary Japan - GIGAZINE

NASA supports research on fusion engines that will allow you to go to Mars in 30 days - GIGAZINE

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[Image] Jobs Apply pasting overly proper pictures wwwwwwwww

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Seven reasons to promote open access access to thesis and five proposals | Thinking of Japanese science

Reason that Copy is zero and 100% original academic paper is not allowed | Akihiko Koizumi | Column & Blog | Newsweek Japan Official Site

STAP cells: Professors of the U.S. co-authors co-authored lectures in Kyoto - Mainichi Shimbun

Mr. Koppo reveals to me by a lawyer / Entertainment breaking news / Daily Sports online

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Novartis Pharma noticed to the police needle contaminated with suppositories - MSN Sankei News

Sleeping limited express, collision with deer at Sekigahara "Sunrise Izumo · Seto" - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

Data leakage: High 2 pretends to be a teacher Spoofs at LINE - Mainichi Newspaper

Reasons for Seven-Eleven store intensively in specific areas and dispersing factories - Web 1-chome library

60% of newcomers "Sake with your boss works" Boss "Mr. subordinates like drinking party" - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

"Last warning" to infrastructure aging NHK News

To prevent accidents caused by aging such as bridges and tunnels, the Council of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation by experts summarized recommendations using strongly exceptional words "last warning".
We urge the government and local governments to create a mechanism to ensure maintenance and maintenance, such as announcing the results of inspections and measures, and introducing a qualification system for engineers to ensure the quality of inspections.

11 cases of cerebral palsy in children due to rupture of uterus NHK News

I did consult with Komatsu because I can not pass through the consumption tax increase tax. - Everything you've ever Dreamed

Panasonic and Fujitsu to Establish a New Company NHK News

Major electronic manufacturers Panasonic and Fujitsu set up a new company that integrates the design and development division of the main semiconductor called "system LSI" used for cars and home appliances to concentrate management resources toward rebuilding the semiconductor business We are planning to agree on close agreement by starting the business in autumn as well.

Provide drawing to Google company without an airline company NHK News

Curry's cocoa is popular boiling in Thailand | Training decision makers | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

[Core of shock incident] Living conservation expenses of 260 million yen "Unusual" of "Seal of 550 books" inside the section used for clothes ... Lawyer "The workplace was unusual atmosphere", public offense expenses "darkness" (1 / 4 pages) - MSN Sankei west west

Report on Japanese fishery @ European Parliament | Political trend analysis of Brussels

After reviewing the current state of catch in Japan mainly, especially on the individual topics of interest by the EU (Japanese fishery regulatory framework, regulations on illegal fishing vessels, regulation on import of fishery products, resources on specific species such as tuna, eel, whale The status of management) is summarized in detail. I wrote objectively from a neutral position as much as possible, but it is strange as it seems to me as a critical report why only by listing basic data (as much as that the decline of Japanese fishery is obvious Learn more. Although it is a report in English, since there are many graphs and tables, I think that you can understand well just by watching it.

Passenger's card information was stolen by taxi or NHK News

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Shibuya station large remodeling, 13 years from the night of 17th 3 buildings on the station building: Asahi Shimbun Digital

O'Reilly Japan - Algorithm Puzzle

An author who teaches computer science at university records "algorithmic" mathematical puzzle of Kokuto-ezonzi 150 based on the concept "to solve algorithmic thinking by solving a puzzle". Through excellent algorithm design strategy and analytical techniques, we will develop algorithmic thinking and flexible thinking.

University first-class university online course NHK News

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(Urgent) About reconfirmation of DNS server setting due to increased risk of cache poisoning attack (released on April 15, 2014)

Sudden access exceeding 300 thousand times in a short time from Baidu's IP address - Togetter Summary

Otaku girl tapping is the affair blog's rice seed - hompig

Profiling MySQL (temporary)

After tax increase "Do not reduce spending" 62% ... Yomiuri poll: Economy: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Culture of eating a whale disappeared: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Together with "Oden": Reason why campaigns deployed at convenience stores are boring (1/4) - Business Media Makoto

After the genius children and genius children who are familiar - someday until the morning sun rises

"Bytes will not gather!" Former employee of Beef Bowl Charged Black Internal Condition: SIer Blog

【Opening Edition】 Purchased because the disaster-friendly goods set exclusive for Amazon was a discount sale. I think that it was good to buy impressions. : Ise Ebi Taro blog of interior goods

Sneak into Amazon's Kawagoe Distribution Center! It is! It is!

What is the vulnerability of Heartbleed in the streets? It is! ? Mobage Developers Blog

When science and technology makes people unhappy - diary of UEI shi 3 z

Various data centers Sugipooh

Gyazo Blog: Tokyo Data Center opened!

The Mainichi Shinbun company digital news center and the possibility of new "IT × journalism" (Ryosuke Nishida) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Nikon digital single-lens reflex camera "PENTAX 645Z" aiming at the top of image expression newly released | RICOH IMAGING

SSD VPS available from 1 yen per hour, DigitalOcean Foreword - yutapon's blog

Impact of RAW editing anytime, anywhere. Bring photo fun with Lightroom mobile | Lifehacking.jp

Difference between who can downgrade from Windows 8 / 8.1 to Windows 7 and who can not downgrade - TechTarget Japan System Operation Management

Windows 8 / 8.1 is gradually getting penetrated, but many people are heard that they are not used to anything by themselves. One solution to that is downgrading to Windows 7. In this paper, we explain points to consider before OS downgrading.

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How did Hatsune Miku become a true culture? Shiba Naka + Sayaka is a thorough discussion (1/4) - Real Sound | Real sound

LINE, JASGA departure. The significance of JASGA being questioned.

Do not hate professionals posting to the rookie award ... .... | Blog of Novelist Wakatsuki Hikaru - Rakuten Blog

"Recent readers of Ranobet are misreading that the hero gets bored on the way unless he or she goes to another world soon" - Lord Rano ^ 0 ^ / Light novel special information site

"Clock tower of Suzumiya Haruhi" at Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Restoration - Unveiling ceremony watched by fans - Nishinomiya Keizai Shimbun

Beyond my death 2 WebCM "Sea of ​​Spring" Hen - YouTube

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The final stage of the Denou Battle House Kuroda and Ponanza's own warfare (Part 1) - Kazunari Yamamoto and the great adventure of Ponanza

2ch master Morishita Kurotsu "Human vs. computer should compete for technology versus technology"

Strict weight restrictions factors such as "amenorrhea" spreading NHK News

Among teenage girls' athletes such as high school students, physicians stopped due to severe weight restrictions, etc, and it was found by the NHK survey that the case of repeating fatigue fracture has spread.
Experts point out that "It is a problem arising from the shortage of female hormones, and measures are needed to train young girls," and the Japanese Association of Obstetrics and Gynecologists is nearing and is planning to start investigating the situation.

About amenorrhea of ​​athlete. Professor Akiko Emiko's Tweet - Togetter Summary

Asaka Kobayashi Father's father is former prime minister "The teacher liked ..." - MSN Sankei News

The disaster record movie of Yasushi news, counter-direct opposition to the press that performers want to resume screening - Cinema Today

Tokyo Newspaper: Soccer Economic Growth on the Road to Disappear Foundation of the Kingdom Shake: Sports (TOKYO Web)

Do not know whether it is a lie or not too much urban legend | TV Tokyo Festival: TV Tokyo

Monday May 5 12: 00-13: 00
Saturday Special "Local Route Bus Transit Trip"
Taikawa & Hikiko Talk show for the first time

Do you represent TV Tokyo now? "Local journey bus transit trip" that became a program. Because it's so much fun, hold the first special talk show that also serves as fan meeting! I will look back on the history of the program, talk about the story behind the harsh location, and exhausting the episodes of memories. Furthermore, I will answer questions of program viewers and program fans who came to the venue, do DVD sales signing, do a surprise surprise project, so please come if you have time.

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"Sweet Garrigaly Milk Full of Lolita Shoes Taste" New Release | Akagiri Milk

"Kirin afternoon tea SUMMER BRIGHT refreshing orange with lemon" New release on May 13 (Tue) | 2014 | News release | Giraffe

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