Marijuana vending machines for medical use that can be purchased for the first time in the world appeared

In the United States, cannabis as a favorite item is legalized in Colorado State and Washington State, but the restaurant in Avon, Colorado "Montana's Smokehouse, A vending machine for medical marijuana that customers can purchase for the first time in the world was set up.

Direct access pot vending machines to debut in Colorado next week

Colorado's first marijuana vending machine about to start operation |

The picture that is actually installed is kore. It is called "ZaZZZ Machine" and the contents are empty because it just arrived.

From the following movies you can see the situation of installing marijuana vending machines and interviews with related parties.

Marijuana is not on display and can not be used at the moment but will be officially started by 20th April 2014 in local time.

Replenishment of marijuana sells medical marijuanaHerbal ElementsIt is said that it is in charge.

Stephen Shearin, founder of Tranzbyte Company, the parent company of American Green Company, which installed vending machines, said, "ZaZZZ machines meets the needs of patients who need medical marijuana, especially shy people make purchasing easier I guess. "

In CaliforniaA pharmacy installing marijuana vending machines in the counterThere are, but only the marijuana dispenser can operate. Any ZaZZZ machine can be purchased by scanning a valid ID card if it is a qualified medical marijuana machine. For the first time in the world, marijuana vending machines which can be purchased by patients themselves will be set up in public places.

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