What is the real value of valuable instruments judged to be "no big difference from modern instruments"

ByGraham Shaw

In one experiment conducted in 2010, the result was announced that "There is no big difference between the modern violin and the masterpiece" Stradivarius "made around 1700". It is a result led by scientifically comparing each instruments with the human ear, but pro violinist Roeley Niles published a comment on the blog posted immediately against this result, and the true result of the experiment I am thinking about the meaning and the significance and value of the existence of old instruments.

What Really Happened in That Double-Blind Violin Sound Test

Mr. Niles participates in a violin contest held in Indianapolis in 2010. Twenty-three violinists including Ms. Niles who cooperated with the survey conducted in conjunction with the contest,StradivariusAnd oneGuarneri, And three modern high-end violins, we were given the opportunity to play a total of 6 violins.

The purpose of the survey was to reveal "Is modern instruments and old instruments truly different in tone", but how many violinists are more than 300 years since it was made 1 billion yen It was demonstrated that it is impossible to distinguish between the violin called "violin" and the modern violin. The result isIt was reported on the netAlthough Mr. Niles generally consented to this result, Mr. Niles says that his feelings are blogged on the assumption that there is a part that is somewhat dissatisfied.

Mr. Niles is a violinist with more than 35 years of career, the main instruments are the modern violin of the decade class and the Italian violin of the mid 1800s. I have experienced playing a number of super high-end violins such as Stradivarius,Northwestern UniversityHe is a man of ability who has participated in various contests by learning music.

In testing, violinists who cooperate are not told any brands of musical instruments, they are blindfolded in a dark room and information from the vision is also blocked. In that state, two violins were handed over and played each one minute. Repeat this 5 times, and when 10 performances are over, you choose 2 ones that match your taste. And then repeating the same thing again, eventually I chose four violins from 20 violins.

In fact, however, it was revealed after the test that the violinists were playing the 6 violins instead of 20, and the same thing repeatedly passed during the test.

In that case was used a total of 6 units of Guarneri around 1740 and Stradivarius around 1700 and 1715, as well as three violins that are best chosen by the research team in modern times, "Voice" Evaluation was made on four points, "transmittability of sound", "ease of playing" and "responsiveness to performance". Mr. Niles talked about what was requested during this test, saying, "Which violin is not hundreds of millions of yen, but which one meets the taste of the players" and talked about what was reported I have revealed that there was a different aim.

As a result of the test, it was that the instrument that a total of 23 violinists gave the most "favorable" instrument was not one of the old Stradivarius but one of the contemporary violins. In addition, Stradivarius made in 1700 revealed the result that the lowest evaluation was given.

ByAlice Carrier

Based on this result, it is said that "Stradivarius is not much different from modern instruments", Mr. Niles said "The test asked the player in this test is" Which violin do you think is good " "If it is said that" If the violinist did not see which one was a Stradivarius "if the test result was" It was not "which one was" Stradivarius ", we conducted a different way of testing We had to do it. "

Although Mr. Niles who participated favorably in the test implementation seems to have no big objections as to the result, "This test is revealed as" the long-term relationship between players and instruments "which is essential in this test We are casting a different viewpoint. "

New instruments sometimes get better as the year goes on and on, but as the musicians actually mourn, that tone is sometimes lost. One older violin is worthy as an antique and says that it may give "players' wisdom" to playing. However, similarly, the timbre is not necessarily constant, there are days when it is difficult to play, sometimes changing the expression depending on the day.

ByBuddy McBride

"We do not deny that modern violin is comparable to Stradivarius with hundreds of millions of yen," Mr. Niles said, both of whom actually played a wonderful tone during this test as well. In particular, while clarifying that "I am supporting modern violin makers" has high reputation for contemporary violin, at the same time, I will explain the meaning to old instrumented instruments as follows.

One day Niles visited the museum together with his daughter and, 250 years agoThomas GainsboroughA painting drawn by "Blue girl boy"I saw it. I will talk about the situation at that time, "Unlike seeing on the Internet screen, the presence of the actual paintings on high walls can not be conveyed with any elaborate replica or photograph."

ByRennett Stowe

"No one living in this era existed when this painting was drawn, and why has this painting continued to exist for such a long time?" The same thing as this, Mr. Niles speaks that it can be said to an old instrument. Why does it exist without losing anything in its original form even after a long time? It is the history that this instrument inherited and is the existence of the music that has played and the work created by the old artist "continues to exist not only in that object but in that soul" Mr. Niles said.

"It is not a scientific answer? But we are artists, history and imagination are part of art, we are also making part of history," said Mr. Niles' words Seems to teach the meaning itself of art.


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As a result of playing with Stradivarius and the modern violin with blindfold, is it true that the conclusion that "There is not much difference between the two" is true? - GIGAZINE

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