I tried comparing 4 types of "Kalemessi" of Nissin with added tomato flavor

In September of 2013Cup Curry Rice Beef CurryNissin Foods that sold the package changed, renewed "Nissin Kaleh MeshiWe are on sale from April 7 (Monday). The taste is tomato, medium spicy, dry and spicy, which is a little different from the previous sweet mouth hot spicy dry. I tried comparing four different kinds of foods because it was awesome.

"Nissin Kaleh Meshi" 4 items (released on April 7) | News | Nissin Food Group

Designing a package that feels a bit retro is designed as an art direction of UNIQLO etc.Kazuyoshi Sato.

The design is completely different from the cup curry rice beef curry which was released in September 2013.

The size is about to be on the palm, the capacity is 123 g.

Putting water and cooking in the range is the same as the previous work.

The calorie is the lowest in tomato at 478 kcal, the medium spicy is 500 kcal, the highest calorie. Rice · Seasoning ingredients · Curry powder · Condiments · Amino acids etc are common raw materials of 4 kinds.

The cooking method is almost the same as the previous work in 5 steps.

When opening each, it looks like this. The redness of tomatoes placed on the upper left stands out.

Tomatoes flakes are red ... ...

There is no big difference in color between medium spicy, dry and hot spicy.

Start cooking. First of all, put 260 ml of water in the vessel ... ...

I stir well.

Put water in and stir, if you arrange 4 kinds, it is like this.

Close the lid before cooking ......

I will warm it in the range. Approximate heating is about 5 minutes 30 seconds at 500 W, 4 hours 30 seconds at 600 W.

When warm in the range it looks like this. It is in a state where rice and roux are not mixed.

Completion after mixing. I will eat it from the tomato flavor.

The tomato flavor is more tomato flavor than curry, finished easy to eat unless you dislike tomatoes. The taste was rather slightly dense, and the rice was a solid texture that was not too soft for the dinner that was chilled at the range.

Eggplants and other vegetables are also included, and for these instant foods vegetables are made much.

Chicken touches like tomatoes and the taste of beef and the taste of curry are felt,Cup noodle curryTaste similar to. Spicy is a commercially available spicy level, but the taste is rather dark, so preparation of water is essential. The taste is an impression that there is not much change from the previous work, and the square beef is like the taste of the meat of the cup ramen.

Dry is 3 times as hot as the middle spicy, people who like spicy food seem to be able to eat without problems, but I will make it a little bit spicy. Not only is it hot, but also has a good taste, so that only the hotness will not float.

Daiki is ten times as hot as moderate spicy, but it is not painful until the hot spicy of the curry products on the market, but it is quite painful. However, since the umami is also solid, to some extent, anyone who is resistant to spicy food seems to be able to eat without problems.

The price is 208 yen excluding tax. For those who like curry with curry and rice mixed from the beginning it is an item I want you to try.

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