We are reporting the possibility that Google will offer mobile line service in-house


Google is offering 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) high-speed Internet serviceGoogle FiberWe are offeringProvide ultra-high speed line of 10 GbpsAlthough it is also in the field of view, it turned out that there is a possibility of newly developing a mobile line communication network.

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The Information, Google is considering the development of its own mobile network, and in the beginning of 2014 Verizon with the telecommunications companyMVNOWe have talked about negotiating about. Google is not supposed to install a radio tower on its own mobile line but rather it is expected to provide mobile communication services as a MVNO operator by borrowing a mobile network from a major carrier and in 2013 SoftBank We had discussions with Sprint Corporation on MVNO service before it was acquired by.

Google's goal of providing high-speed Google fiber in its own company is to improve the communication environment in the United States, which will remain high, thereby promoting the use of the net more and further increasing the revenue of Google's advertising business In fact, as a result of the fact that Google fiber service starts, pressure is placed on the existing telecommunications company, and AT & T etc. tends to improve the communication environment such as starting to offer high-speed line service newly . It is not hard to imagine that the purpose of Google to start service on a new mobile line this time is to make the mobile line environment faster and cheaper like fixed lines.


Google is thought to start offering mobile lines in "fiber area" already providing high-speed lines with Google fiber, such as Kansas City and Missouri, utilizing Wi-Fi spots built on the Google fiber network, Wi - It is expected that complementary use of the network of existing carriers will be made for areas that can not be covered with Fi spots.

Since Google is not aimed at raising profits directly from mobile line services, it is certain that other mobile communication carriers are wary of it as it is likely to offer mobile communication at an overwhelming low price. Also, as Google has its side as a manufacturer of handsets to offer smartphones such as Nexus 5 to existing carriers, if Google is to offer mobile lines at overwhelming low prices, major carriers are not Android smartphones, but iPhones And Windows Phone, as well.

It is no wonder that we have started unexpected services since Google has been expelling existing service providers with various services so far. Since Google's mobile line service can also have a significant impact on the smartphone OS's share, it seems to be an eye on Google's strategy.

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